Thanks to God, the game of the Hanged Man won first place in his vote Wamda website As the best game in 2011. Although this victory is a moral victory, the only meaning for it here is your support and your constant love, the competition was great and despite that your support was stronger ... We decided to send codes randomly to everyone who voted for the game, but for a moment, so that everyone can get it for free ... .

The Hanged Man game, the best 2011 game Free For one day only

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

What is unique about the Hanged Man game is group play, so we will meet at eight o'clock in the evening to play through the Gym Center. The fun group play. Who challenges me؟

show is overWe have done our part, thanks to God, and instead of distributing 50 free copies, we made it free and the game was downloaded more than fifty thousand times. If you cannot download the game and it is free, know that your purchase of it is support for us to make better applications in the future and to make the iPhone site Islam and our other sites better.

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