Our friends at iPhone Islam gathered together on one thing, which is that Maktoob Dictionary was one of the best dictionaries on the iPhone, and because Yahoo bought Maktoob, this application was removed from the store and is no longer available. Of course, we always try to make distinct applications, and we did not find anything in the dictionary applications that we could innovate in, so the idea was postponed for a long time, but after your continuous request we looked deeply, how can we develop a better dictionary than a written dictionary?

After using a written dictionary and studying similar applications, we noticed a serious flaw in most dictionaries, which is the speed of searching, why type a word and then the result appears for me, so press it to go to another screen and then go back to check the next word and then go to another screen ... The dictionary must be fast, search and find the meaning Immediately and move to the next word immediately, this feature is very useful if you want to increase your knowledge of English words in general, or memorize some words to increase your vocabulary, so all you have to do is click on the word to memorize it, and then all this in one screen.

Also everyone loves a Maktoob dictionary because it does not need an internet connection, but what if you want to translate a full page ... at the time a written dictionary is not suitable for that you will have to buy or download another application that uses the Internet to translate phrases and pages, why does the dictionary not contain translation without internet and another via the Internet ? Thus saving space and buying two applications for the same thing.

Sometimes there are some words that we often use and always look for, so we added the option to put these words in a favorite, and there was a disadvantage in most other dictionaries, which was their lack of quickly knowing the meaning of the words in the favorites, where the user had to click on the saved word in the favorites and then move to the screen Other to know its meaning, so we worked on becoming faster to inspect all the meanings of the words from the same place and sought to avoid another flaw, which is placing words in the favorites without any division or arrangement, which makes your search for a specific word in your favorite a great hardship and we basically put words in it to facilitate access to it No, let's search for it again ... If there are 50 words in favorites, for example, and not classified, finding a specific word will become difficult.

You can name the favorites with the name you choose, whether in Arabic or in English, and also the words as favorites. You can put them either in Arabic or in English. Even if you make a new classification and want to transfer a word from an old classification to the new, you can also do this easily by pressing the pen shape and then moving the words and arranging them .

Moment! Where's the fun in dictionaries? You must be a gloomy dictionary? No, of course we have thought about that. If you are bored or want to test your English vocabulary, there is a game designed for that. When you start playing, he asks you about the meaning of an English word and you have to choose the correct Arabic synonym or do the opposite by asking you for a word in Arabic and you have to find its translation in English from three suggestions and each The more questions I answered, the more difficult the questions were.

One last thing:

IPhone Islam Universal Dictionary, that is, it works on all Apple portable devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Not only that, design, ease of work, speed and number of words…. And a lot of many features, and let's say a wonderful written dictionary, we are the ones who developed it and we know how wonderful it is, but the iPhone-Islam dictionary is the most wonderful, so you are the one who created its design ... We present to you a quick, wonderful and simple dictionary.

Program Advantages

  • Arabic <> English Dictionary
  • Easy to use and interface with distinctive design and colors
  • Speed ​​in searching for words and finding potential words while searching
  • Not connected to the Internet if you want to search for the meaning of a word
  • Online translation of long phrases and articles
  • The ability to pronounce English words and phrases
  • The ability to copy the meaning to the device's memory or send it via mail
  • Preferred to save frequently used words
  • Sort favorites and add categories to them
  • A game to measure your knowledge of the meanings of Arabic or English vocabulary
  • Several levels of game while saving your best score
  • Universal works on all Apple devices
Proposals from program users
We did not announce the iPhone Islam dictionary here in any article before, but thanks to God, the dictionary has remained the first in Arab stores for a long time since it was launched, and some have sent suggestions to make it better, and we are already working on that in the next version and there are also good ideas that we will add, and we await your suggestions.
  • Improve English Pronunciation
  • Add the ability to copy the meaning in translation without the Internet
  • Make the game easier with the ability to play within specific words
  • Add translation to and from all languages ​​available via the Internet
  • Zoom in on fonts in the program

We hope that you like the iPhone Islam Dictionary and that it will be useful to you

Dictionary (Arabic/English dictionary + translation widget)

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