As most of you know, thanks to God Qibla application in virtual reality It became available (free) in the software store several weeks ago.

What is the Qiblah app in virtual reality?

The qiblah in virtual reality is an application that guides the Muslim to the direction of the Kaaba using virtual reality technology so that you see the Kaaba as if it is in front of you, the application also contains many features, including ...

  • Distinctive interface and ease of use
  • Display the Qibla distinctively in the default position when the device is horizontal
  • View the qiblah in a panoramic view of the device's position in a cross-section
  • Show the qiblah in traditional form when the device is placed flat
  • A compass showing the original XNUMX directions and Qibla direction on all screens
  • Live broadcast of the Holy Kaaba 24 hours (via Wi-Fi only)
  • View the direction of some mosques around the world and information about them in virtual reality
  • The Universal app works with all Apple devices that have a compass
  • Arabic or English interface, depending on the device's settings
Watch a video explaining how the program works ...

The application is really wonderful and upscale in its design and performance, and no one has seen it unless he has expressed his admiration, but the truth is we need to update it to add some features and fix some errors and, God willing, within a month the new version will be available.

We would like to thank the Al-Furqan Foundation for sponsoring the application and thus it became free for all.

Note: The application requires a compass on the device so it does not work on iPod touch devices

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

For those who ask why we do not write about our applications as soon as they are released, especially since we are of course the first to know? The answer is simply that we like to give other sites a deliberate opportunity to precede us in spreading the news, so it is not reasonable to make the application and write about it so that we have the lead in developing it and then unilaterally publishing the news, and there are many benefits for participation such as that there is cooperation and love between us and the other sites and thus everyone feels We preferred them to ourselves, and also to see the user's reaction without affecting him. Whatever this is our application and we think that it is free from defects, but this is not the case with other sites and users who do not follow the site. The iPhone is Islam, as most of you know, among its goals is to promote the Arab application, so we try to divest from our being the makers of this application until we see from afar our faults and work to fix them and we are sure that one day we will present something very wonderful that we are all honored and proud that we are the one who provided this To humanity or to our children after us.

Thank you, and our appointment, God willing, is soon with the next application :)

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