IOS is known to be the strongest and most secure, and for this reason its most expensive vulnerabilities came, as we mentioned earlier in an article. Hackers and trade vulnerabilities This is due to the strength of the Apple system in addition to the restrictions it puts in place, but recently a book was released that considered “Hark's Guide to Hacking the iOS System” and the book became available for sale in the Amazon store, so what does this book include? How is the stronger system penetrated globally?

Charlie Miller, one of the famous hackers in the world of iOS, who participated in a large number of hacker contests, Pwn2Own released a writing several days ago and this book is the first guide for hackers on the iOS system. Charlie has several accomplishments, the most important of which is deceiving the Apple security system. As we all know that the developer after designing the application, he sends it to the Apple team that checks it and makes sure that it is free of any unauthorized tools and that it was designed with the software that Apple provided developers with and that this program does not reach To prohibited points in the system such as reading messages and other restrictions, and this matter is the reason behind the delay in the issuance of some applications and also in their development because updating an application also goes through the same stages of sending the application itself, but Charlie announced, surprisingly to everyone, that he bypassed this and hid some malware in Its applications cannot be found by Apple engineers and then it works in the user's devices, i.e. it becomes like a Trojan horse or a sleeping spy, and these programming commands enable him to do several dangerous things.

At the SysCan conference held in Taiwan, Charlie revealed that he had hidden malware in a traditional application called Instastock. Indeed, this application obtained the approval of Apple and was issued and became available in the software store and when you run this application it begins to work traditionally and also the malware, but it needs to connect to a remote device (Charlie's computer, for example) to start working, and here she can access your device's photos and phone numbers and even switch the phone to the vibrator mode and play music or anything else that Charlie orders him to do in the victim's device, and you can watch this video explaining Charlie's experience:

After discovering this, Apple removed the Instastock application from the software store and not only did this, but also removed Charlie from the iOS programmers, and in the future he could no longer design any programs for iOS, which was expressed by Charlie that “it is cruelty from Apple and I miss Steve Jobs “.

Charlie considers his new book as a guide for anyone who wants to hack into the iOS system, as it begins by explaining the basics of the operating system, how iOS works, how to deal with memory and device resources, then how hackers work and how they discover system vulnerabilities, how Apple labs test applications, how to deceive them, and how other crackers do work "Crack" your applications, how to protect them from them, and other important security points.


This book opens fire on Apple and its system because it provided a guide for developers to discover the vulnerabilities themselves and how to expect what Apple is doing against them ... Certainly, the book will not give you the skill of pod2g or ion1c or the retired genius George Hotz, but it puts your foot on the beginning of the path of hackers. It is funny to find hackers work openly to teach others how to penetrate security systems, but also the book can be used positively to teach programmers how to protect their applications from hackers, and also, of course, Apple bought the book and closed all the holes mentioned in it, and this can be accessed. The book and buy it from amazon.

The hacker war did not and will not end, who do you think will win? Security systems to protect consumers or hackers? Share your opinion

Sources: cultfmacidownloadblog

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