Thanks to God Almighty and coinciding with the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the application of al-Fanous - the advanced Quranic search engine - was released today, and it has become available for free download from the Apple software store.

And for those who do not know what is the application of the lantern? In short, it is a search engine such as Google for the Internet, but it is a specialized and advanced researcher of the Qur’an. Just as you can search the Internet on the most accurate matters in all forms, the application of the lantern will help you in searching for the most delicate matters and in many forms, and you will sail like you did not sail before to find what you want in the Book of God. The Lantern application will be a great helper for every Muslim who specializes in the sciences of religion as well as a non-specialist, and everyone who has a passion and love to learn more about the Qur’an is the only application in the world that gives a tremendous ability to search the Qur’an and if you want to know more about the application of the lantern, he can return to this article The detailed explanation is this Or follow the following lines, which we will endeavor to remind you of some advantages quickly.

Have you ever heard a verse from the Noble Qur’an and wanted to know which surah it is? Or it occurred to you to ask how many times the term “Messenger of God” or “Hajj” is mentioned in the Book of God? The Lantern application will enable you to do this easily, as once you open it, you will see the interface, which is as follows:

Write a verse or word that you want to search for in the Book of God, and in a few seconds, you will find the answer in front of you as follows:

By clicking on any result, more details will appear in front of you about the verse and the surah:

Note the mention of more information such as “Chapter: The Seal of the Prophets Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace,” the section “The Battle of the Messenger,” and the branch “Battle of Uhud” This means giving you abundant information about the verses and if you want to share them with your friends by e-mail, you will find at the top:

You can also use the advanced search, for example, if you want to combine more than one word in one search, then the search results for the three words will appear to you, so you write as follows:

The result will appear, stating the number of times each word was mentioned, the number of times mentioned, and the number of verses in which it appeared:

There is more and more about the advanced search engine, such as the ability to hear verses in the voice of a large number of famous sheikhs, as well as translate search results and customize results and others that you will discover yourself in this application, perhaps the application at the present time is not easy enough, but if you take a look at the help you will become an expert Within minutes. 

The application is available for free download from the software store, so we thank the sponsors who contributed to making it available to the Arab user for free:

Al-Fanous Universal application will work with you on your device, regardless of its type, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod, so as to be useful. Also, the Lantern application is our first application that supports Retina technology for the iPad.

Alfanous - an advanced Quranic search engine

Note: We know that the application has some problems, and another version has been uploaded to the app store with many improvements and is awaiting Apple's approval. We realize that this application needs a lot of work as it is not an easy application, we just ask God to help us get it in the best way. An image that is useful to all humans.

Test the application slowly, then tell us how to make it better, and do not forget to tell your friends and acquaintances so that they can benefit from it in this blessed month?

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