In the month of Ramadan, obedience and charitable deeds abound, and the Ramadan Forum conference is held in its eleventh session this year in the presence of a number of senior sheikhs and preachers who aim to present the correct approach to Islam and its eminence, such as Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi, Omar Abdul Kafi, Ibrahim Al-Duwaish, Abdullah Al-Musleh and Yasser Al-Dossary and other distinguished sheikhs, and in the interest of iPhone Islam to take care of the social aspect, we decided to participate in this conference and to become one of its official sponsors.

The conference will be held this year under the title Breezes of Mercy, and it aims to shed light on this blessed month, and that it is a month in which the breezes of mercy blew and flood us from all sides. The organizers of the organizing committee were keen to select a group of prominent sheikhs and preachers to participate in this year's conference, to be beacons that benefit from their knowledge the audience of the forum, God willing. New activities have been added that serve a large segment of visitors, such as the Mind Map Course for Preserving and Training the Holy Qur’an. The conference schedule can be viewed through the following image:


Some of the conference activities:

Good Caravan: It is a caravan that roams Dubai and distributes some publications that introduce the rulings on fasting and its virtues.

The nation's preacher: It is a competition that aims to discover the talents of a group of children who are proficient in the art of recitation and oratory, and then train them to become the elders and preachers of tomorrow.

The mental map course for memorizing the Qur’an: It is a course held in the form of a three-day workshop. It uses mental mapping by Tony Buzan to train you on how to memorize and manage the Noble Qur’an in an easy and simple way.

•health education: It is a campaign that aims to educate visitors about the importance of health and attention to it and free detection of some diseases such as diabetes, pressure, osteoporosis, and others.

Children's tent: There is a problem that parents always face, as it is difficult for them to leave their children and attend the conference, so a children's tent has been designed that contains a lot of entertaining games that the children will enjoy, leaving time for their families to benefit from the conference activities.

And because the conference is important and of great benefit, so many will seek to follow it, but this matter is not easy as it is difficult to follow the site continuously, especially in the month of Ramadan, so we sought in iPhone Islam - as one of the sponsoring companies - to design a special application for the conference that is available on all iOS devices.

 The application enables the visitor to follow the conference news, pictures, and know the schedule of lectures and all the content of the official website smoothly, as the user receives notifications of news and conference activities, so he does not need to visit the site permanently to be informed of all new and these are some pictures from the application:

Application interface:

The interface of the application is based on the basic design of this year's conference, and we have taken care to make it easy to use and its content is fresh and permanently connected to the forum site.


In general, we made sure that the application was easy to use and start with the list, as it is clear and its content was arranged according to importance, so news, tweets and events are at the top because they are the most important sections.


It is the section through which you can know all the forum news, events and activities in an easy and smooth way.


In the Tweets section, all important and urgent news published on the Forum's Twitter account are displayed.


Displays conference events, venues, and dates.


Through this section, you can know the schedule of lectures, their start and end times, place, the name of the lecturer, and so on.


In this section, an introduction to the lecturers and the biographies of each of them is presented.

Photo album:

This section is dedicated to displaying conference photos, lectures, and activities.

Forum channel:

In this section, videos of the conference and the meetings are presented.

The application is now available on the App Store in its first version, and an updated version has been sent to the App Store. Apple applications will be available soon, God willing, to support the iPad and add many features.

‎Al Multaqa - Ramadan Forum

Are you a resident of the UAE and will you go to the Ramadan Forum this year?

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