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Scattered letters game is one of the games that combine entertainment and education. It revolves around a question whose answer is scattered, and you must know the answer to the question and arrange the answer correctly. A physical engine was also used to enable you to move the letters by tilting the phone and playing with them while answering the question.

If your cultural attainment has extended you enough to pass the first levels, we invite you to hone your motivation, and equip your equipment and equipment to face the challenges that increase in degree as you progress to reach the most challenging levels in the advanced levels, which include questions that are not easy, and if you are really a professional player, you can get more than A star in the stage where the letters scattered in front of you are greater than the number of letters of the answer, meaning that you will not be able to guess easily, and in the event that you finish the level questions, you can play it again to get full stars, but note that the difficulty of the level will increase by adding more additional letters.

The game includes a number of assistive devices, which can be accessed by pressing the magician's wand next to the question, and the available aids such as “Show the answer” and “Show one letter” from the answer will appear to you. You can also “explode a letter” from the extra letters to “ Change the question itself, but be careful to overuse of aids, because their number is limited.

Scattered letters support the Game Center, which enables you to challenge your friends, by writing a question to your friend, and the answer will appear to him scattered, then he does the same until the one who can put the hardest question and answer the other’s questions wins. So come challenge your friends and prove to them that they have befriended Nisaburi of the age :). And the game Universal, So you can challenge them whether they have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; They cannot escape from you.

You can watch the following video to learn more about the game:

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(
Tell us how high did you get in the game? Do you have suggestions for developing it?
Today at nine o'clock in the evening, local time, we will all play team play, and it will be fun ... Enter the challenge feature and meet us, and do not forget to prepare some difficult questions :)

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