The tech community reports that Apple will unveil its new iPad mini this month, which is the first device that Apple has offered in this size, and the Wall Street Journal, a widely distributed and widely credible newspaper, reported that Apple has ordered 10 million devices from its suppliers. Before the end of this year, this means that the company intends to compete strongly in the world of small tablets, and is confident of achieving high sales rates, but why did Apple enter this market - 7 inches - after it was vehemently rejecting this matter? How will the new device look and its specifications?

The iPad is the winning device for Apple as it was not matched with little competition from other tablets and for a long time it remained unique despite the presence of more than 300 other tablets, but recently other companies have started to compete strongly, as studies have shown that the number of tablet users has significantly increased. General, but this increase was not distributed in the same percentage, as Android-based devices have advanced much, as we see.

The study indicates a decline in Apple's share of The US market Instead of the 81% last year, it is now 52%, and although that percentage indicates the superiority of Apple over all its competitors combined, the growth in sales indicates that the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and its successor HD have increased the share of Android, with the Kindle Fire alone achieving 21% The approximate percentages of the global market indicate that Apple has 61% of the market, while Android has 31% and the rest is distributed to other devices, and this matter demonstrates the strength and importance of the small tablet, and this means that Apple still dominates the global market, but there are strong competitors that have appeared in the market. The Americans and they began to spread globally, so you should not leave the opportunity for them to take their share, and this matter makes us wonder what are the specifications of the new tablet that Apple will rely on to regain its previous rate?

A device for Apple without Retina ?!

It is difficult to imagine that Apple will launch a new product that does not contain a Retina screen, as the iPhone has been issued since 2010 with the Retina screen, and from the beginning of this year the iPad has also come to retina. Even MacBook Pro devices now come with a Retina screen, so it is logical that the device comes The new is similar to all the company's releases with the Retina screen.

But let's look at the iPad 3, which included the Retina screen, and what changes occurred to it after that, Apple increased the battery by a large percentage and also changed the processor, which led to an increase in the thickness of the device and its temperature rise, and this is in addition to increasing the cost of the device as a whole and these factors stand Against the manufacture of the new device with the Retina screen, because Apple is targeting a low price and size device. So, most experts expect that Apple will provide the same screen as the iPad 2, which is 1024 * 768, and this screen on the size of 7.85 inches means a higher color density to 164ppi, which is higher than the iPad 2, which was 132ppi, but what about the competitors? Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 come with a 216ppi screen, will Apple offer a lower quality screen than its competitors? !!!

Some of these expectations changed after the release of the iPhone 5, in which Apple was able to reduce the thickness of the device and a major change in screen technology, so Apple might use the same technologies in the new iPad screen to come to us also without affecting the thickness of the device and the battery.

512MB or 1GB memory?

Apple devices always came with 512 MB memory, such as the iPhone 4 / 4S and iPad 1/2, then the memory in the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 increased to 1 GB, but the return to 512 MB will not be harmful in any way, despite the fact that competitors For the new device (Nexus and Kindle) they offer 1 GB memory, but at a quick look, we find that Apple is superior to Android in managing the device's resources. We have never seen users of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 complain about the size of the memory and the slowness of their devices, and we can refer to This article To learn more about how Apple manages the resources of its device, and if Apple releases the new device with a screen that is not retina, there is no need for a 1GB memory.

A5, A5X or A6 processor?

What is the processor that will come in the new iPad?

A5: Everyone expects that Apple will provide its most famous A5 processor, which it placed in the iPad 2 and proved to be very efficient, which made it use in the iPhone 4S and also it was very good and this year I decided to transfer it to the fifth generation iPod Touch, and this matter means that Apple has great confidence in this processor, so why not decide Apple transferred to the new iPad? Especially if it added it, this means increasing its manufacture because it will be placed in 4 devices currently sold, and this leads to a significant cost reduction.

A5X: This is the iPad 3 processor and what distinguishes it only is that it is a quad-core in the graphics part, and Apple has provided it for the screen, so there is no need for it in the new iPad if it does not come with a Retina screen.

A6: The iPhone 5 super processor, which outperformed everyone despite being dual-core and its quad-core competitors, is also more energy efficient and adjusts its speed according to use, but will Apple use its latest processors in a low-cost device? It may be the ideal choice if the iPad mini comes with a Retina screen, especially that the A6 three-core processor in the graphics part will be able to run the Retina screen well, and the iPad's small size will compensate for the difference between the A5X quad and the A6 trio.

It is worth noting that experts recently noticed that there is a new iPad that has been spotted and carries an iPad 3,6 and works with an A6 processor, so will it be the iPad mini or is it just an experiment for Apple.


Here is the big dilemma, the iPhone may be significantly higher than most devices in its price category, but in the iPad it is different as its price is close to the price of its competitors of the same size and category and the price of the iPad 3 starts from $ 499, and as for the small world of the tablet, prices differ, Google Nexus It comes at a price of $ 250-300 for 8-16 GB storage, while the Kindle Fire comes at a more than wonderful price, which is 199-249 dollars for 16-32 GB storage, and this makes the small iPad in trouble because its price must not exceed the $ 300 barrier, but There is a point if Apple was able to achieve it to ensure a great advantage over the two devices, which is that they do not support 3G networks. If Apple can provide a device at a maximum price of $ 300 and equipped with a 3G chip, this means a fatal blow to the competing devices.

Shape and other specifications:

Everyone was expecting a new iPad to come similar to its predecessors, but after the release of the iPhone 5, expectations began to say that it would be closer to the iPhone 5, where it would come with a new charger and perhaps the headphone jack would be moved to the bottom and also change the design of the headphones to become similar to the iPhone 5, and it will come equipped with the same camera IPad 2, which was 0.7 megapixel, or is improved to 1.2 megapixel only, but will not be increased to 5 like the new iPad in order to reduce the cost.

What do you expect for iPad mini? And if it was released at a price less than $ 300, would you consider buying a copy device? Share your opinion
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