One of the main reasons that attract some to the jailbreak is the add-ons to the system, such as changing the device's themes, and many are looking for a way to customize the look of SMS messages and put their own touch in order to dazzle their friends, but why is the need for a jailbreak if you can send impressive messages to your friends without risk Jailbreak, this is possible with the application of color messages from iPhone Islam.

Each of us has his own distinct style that he is famous for from other peers, and this is what makes some people do not like Apple because it does not give us the freedom to fully express ourselves, especially in the messaging application. On the size and color of a fixed font for all messages, the background of the message for your friends must be green and the iMassage messages in blue, and you receive them in gray, but with a color messages application you can control your message and choose everything, which distinguishes a color message application from any other foreign application is It is an Arabic application and supports the Arabic language and its wonderful decorations, and this matter is not found in any other application in the software store.

Colorful letters enable you to choose the type of font from a large number of Arabic and foreign fonts:

Tired of traditional black text messaging? If any color is chosen as the font color or even a hue:

If you want your friend to focus on a specific message, why not send it to him in a very large size so that he knows that it is an important message:

You are no longer forced to have the background of your static message in green or blue, so now you can choose the background you prefer from among dozens of ready-made backgrounds or use any image on your device to be the background, or take a picture with the device's camera. And make it the background of your message.

We have also sought to add a number of ready-made templates in the application for you to choose any of them and use them, as you can design your own message templates and put them in your favorites.

You can also add decorations to the message to look strange and distinctive, and you will find in the application many decorations for Arabic and English letters.

After now your messages will be unique and special And without a jailbreak For your device, through the free color messaging application, it comes with many advantages, and you can purchase more from within the application.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

The message will be free of charge if it is sent by iMessage, WhatsApp, or any other application, but if you send it via phone networks, you will be charged for it as a traditional MMS.

Have you messaged your friends with color messages? Did they like these messages?

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