Most of you know that the iPad mini was launched today in 22 countries and the Wi-Fi version has only been released, and that the XNUMXG version will be released in mid-November, and many have flocked to get the new Apple device (as usual), but why? What is new offered by the iPad mini? Since you are a follower of the iPhone site, Islam for sure, I read an article “Should I buy an iPad mini?“And you will have a comprehensive idea about this device ... But it is better to take an exclusive look at it on the first day of its launch in order to complete your picture.

If you want to see the efficiency of the images captured by the new iPad mini, take a look at these photos

This is a picture of a comparison between the size of the iPad mini, the iPad and the iPod touch the fifth generation

The iPad mini adds a new option for users, not only the average user who might prefer a lightweight device for reading, but also government agencies and agencies that benefit from iPad technologies such as educational organizations. The iPad mini may be an ideal option because of its size, light weight and perhaps the relatively lower price. Do you agree that the iPad mini, if it is not useful to you, may be useful to others?

Special thanks to Mustafa Habal for sending this wonderful report in record time

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