Smartphones and tablets depend on communication with different networks in order to perform their functions to the fullest, and stumbling in this connection with networks makes devices almost useless except for some games or reminders, but the development of communication services does not keep pace with the development of smart phones, devices that change at a steady speed And every day witnesses innovation that does not find adequate support from networks that provide services, so phone companies seek to develop their devices to enable the user to achieve the maximum benefit, so they launched phones that operate with more than one chip, and this is useful for those who face poor coverage of a network in some areas, if Telephone companies are the ones that seek to solve the problems of telecom companies, but what new can the companies present this time? The new comes from Apple, which is dispensing with the chip that is placed in the phone.

Phones come out from the manufacturer and are ready for use, but there are communication networks that the phone must rely on in order to send and receive data, these networks operate over certain frequencies and no one has the right to launch a network without the permission of the country in which it will work, and if you want to obtain the services of any company Etisalat You have to subscribe with them and then you get a chip that you put inside your phone and the network gets to know it, so this chip means everything and at the same time its benefit for the phone is to introduce it to the network and give him permission to enter it, and this chip has evolved from the traditional size and then became Micro with the iPhone 4 Finally, the nano chip with the iPhone 5, despite the importance of the big chip, but for the phone companies it is a major obstacle and a challenge in the industry as they have to modify the design to match it and with its size, which reduces the creativity of companies so it was necessary for those interested in creativity to find a solution to this The matter, and the solution here comes from Apple, so what do you intend to present this time?

Apple registered a new patent that makes phones work without a chip by designing a protocol to identify devices and networks. After you get the phone, all you have to do is call the company that you want to subscribe to its services to give them your data and the device number, so the service works in seconds; Of course, this technology will need a period of time to become available to all telecommunications companies, but as soon as it becomes available to them, it can be used and developed, for example, you will not encounter problems of the type of chip loss or damage, and you can also register two or three slices on the same phone and move between them easily as There is no chip that you take out and install others, and you can transfer your chip to any phone without effort. If you forget your phone at home and are waiting for an important call, you can ask the service provider to transfer the chip to any other phone you have or a friend’s phone, just give them the correct data; The service providers may develop and provide them with confidential passwords so that it is sufficient for you to type the password for your chip on any device and become ready for use through it, so you will not lose the connection for a moment, and there are many endless possibilities and ideas.

The design of the phone will also change, so not needing the chip for which a place must be allocated will free the companies from any restrictions in thinking, so by removing the chip the whole device becomes a single block that does not need any doors or openings and they can take advantage of the space allocated for the slide in any other matter, and the conclusion is that Canceling the chip will solve a lot of connectivity problems and also make the phones design much better. Of course, this step, which will change phones again, will initially meet some obstacles such as the lack of adequate support, but as soon as it occurs, the shape of the phones will change forever.

Finally, it remains to be mentioned that this patent opens the door to thinking broadly to change the way of communicating with companies, but the presence of the patent itself does not necessarily mean that it will happen soon, but Apple's interest in this matter and the registration of a patent - we all know the extent of Apple's interest and strictness in this matter. Taking this step means that the company sees the world heading towards this matter and wanted to get a foothold in it from now.

What do you think of this patent? Can it become a reality and be free from the shackles of the slide? Share your opinion


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