Often people from our dear followers and clients turn to us by saying that we are the iPhone Islam company. This is normal, because their interface - all or most of it - is through the iPhone Islam. But the fact is that iPhone Islam is one of the successful projects of the MIMV company, which includes under it - in addition to the iPhone Islam - App-Aad, and other projects related to technology.

Today we brought you news and broadcast it from the stage of the Sheikh Saeed Hall at the World Trade Center in Dubai. This is the participation of MIMV - the company that owns iPhone Islam - in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in its third annual session in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in which US President Barack Obama launched the first session Including in Washington in 2010.

Among the activities of this summit was the competition for the best business plan for small and medium-sized companies. Before we touch on the final result of this competition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the different meaning of this competition for us is that all the competitions in which we participated in the course of our career were related to a product of our products, and its results are always honorable and crowning the efforts of every member of the team. And an indication of the effectiveness of our global standards that we have not accepted to waive; Creativity in proposing the idea, and quality in implementation and development. As for this new competition of its kind, the focus of evaluation revolved around extracting a list of candidates from the top 8 applicants from among 192 companies, and after that the top three would be announced. The evaluation targets the organization as a whole; This includes the company's organizational structure, the array of products and services it provides, the strategic plans of expansion plans, and the near and long-term outlook.

And we take you back to the platform where MIMV is announced, not on the eight list of nominees, but in the top three out of the ninety-two. We were represented in it to deliver a speech and the award was received by Mr. Maher Ahmed UAE Business Coordinator.

Here, we are pleased to inform you of these facts for the first time; What is our vision? And our message? What are our values? What are our strategic plans?

Many of our brothers and loved ones wondered what such a competition might represent for us, and what steps we will build on it. The professor tells us about that Amr Abdel Rahman Company CEO:

This was a powerful adventure as we faced a new challenge. And this success that we have achieved thanks to God transformed the efforts made by each member of the team into real pleasure, and we lived their moments together. It is also the green light to unleash with greater enthusiasm to achieve our planned expansion and spread in terms of applications by launching new projects to invade other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone, which will require the inclusion of more than twice or even times the number of current employees. And in terms of the relationships that bind us with our customers and partners by responding to the needs of large and governmental companies to produce applications for their account, to open channels of communication between us and the privileged authorities, as well as to initiate headquarters for us in the countries in which we have a strong presence among the different segments of our customers, chiefly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Then, successively, in other countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, and others. This is in the short term. As for the long term, it is to strike ourselves with a strong hand in the global market for technology at the software and hardware levels. Let us, by the grace of God and his success, achieve what we have set in terms of vision that carries a noble message of changing the face of the earth to what is better by using technology ... and we believe that in order to achieve our dreams, it is better for us to share them with others, and this is what we are about, God willing.
What are your expectations for MIMV? What is the extent of your belief in the message you carry and their ability to achieve its vision?

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