Apple released iOS 6.1 update. The main feature of this update is support for fourth generation networks in several countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE in our Arab world, but how do you activate these networks on your device? This is what we review in this article.

Important Notes:

  1. The fourth generation LTE networks only work on the iPhone 5 model "A1429", the iPad mini "A1455" and the iPad 4 famous for the iPad with the retina screen model "A1460", and you can find out the model of your device through our previous article through this link.
  2. The methods mentioned in this article are the official methods announced by the companies, and the responsibility for technical support for your line lies with the service provider, so if the mentioned methods do not work for you please contact the technical support for your network.
  3. Your device must be updated to iOS 6.1 before you take any step.
  4. Check out Apple's page for the supported countries so far via this link.
  5. The fourth generation networks must be activated from the settings as follows:
  • IPhone: Settings, then General, Cellular, then enable LTE.
  • IPad: Settings, then Cellular, then enable LTE.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Mobily stated on its Twitter page that you have to replace the chip from the nearest customer service branch for the service to work with you


To activate the fourth generation networks on the Zain network, the phrase 4G must be sent to the number 959, as the company explained on its Twitter page:


Saudi Telecom Company, according to Apple's website, is not supported yet, but the company's marketing director mentioned in his account that you can activate the networks by sending 4466 to the number 902.

United Arab Emirates


Etisalat stated that the service was automatic and provided for the customer Map with supported locations It did not mention any actions required from the customer

But the technical support clarified that in order to work, the subscribed package must be more than 1 GB


Du stated that the fourth generation works automatically as of yesterday, January 29 as follows:

With monthly subscription customers only, as for the postpaid customer, the “postpaid” customer does not work with it, and the customer has to wait until the problem is solved, and this is the text of the company's statement:

IPhone 5 works with 29G LTE technology, and starting January 2013, XNUMX will be enjoyed Monthly subscriptions customers At blazing fast LTE speed on the iPhone 5. As for For postpaid customersSo, we and Apple are currently working on completing compatibility tests of the device with the LTE network and will soon release an update over the network to activate the technology on iPhone 5 for postpaid users once the tests are completed.

The company did not specify when the service will work on all lines.

Have you succeeded in activating the fourth generation on your device? Did you feel a difference in the experience of Apple devices at such blazing speeds? Share your experience with us

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