After waiting for several months from the followers of iPhone Islam, and Apple's rejection of the application more than once, the new iPhone application Islam was finally released. The application was not only enlarged to fit the iPhone 5 screen, but also came with a new design and unique modern colors to make it more comfortable to use and deal, and also unprecedented services and benefits were added.

When we released the iPhone Islam application for the first time in March 2010, our goal was to facilitate the task of the reader to access and review articles, which is what we thought about in the fifth version of the application, which we launch in conjunction with the passage of three years since the first version of it.

When you open the app, you will notice a distinct design difference; As it has distinctive colors that are comfortable to the eye, and the icons next to each article have become clearer to tell you what kind, and if you receive an article notification at an inappropriate time and you want to read it later, but you are afraid to forget the article, then press the small arrow button to the left of the article and you will find the timer button and choose to be reminded of the article Later.

When you open any article, a piece of information will appear to you, and each time a different piece of information, some of it funny and some of it useful information about Apple devices. This information appears to you at the time of downloading the article, so you do not waste any time, as even seconds waiting inside the application we would like you to benefit from it with new information.

When you open any article, you will find it in front of you as you used to see it, but with a change in the background color that relaxes your eyes while reading, and if you like the article and want to share it with your friends, press the share button that supports the new sharing system in iOS 6:

The new version of the application is characterized by support for Twitter and Facebook, which enables you to share the article without leaving the application.

Because we know that the most important feature of the iPhone Islam application is the information search feature, we have developed the search feature to become more accurate. If you click on the search button at the top of the application, you will find two options, namely, searching through the site or searching through Google, and of course searching through Google is more in-depth and useful.

The application includes a number of wonderful visual effects such as the side menu that folds like a sheet:

We have also added support for the App-Aad app for app owners.

‎App3ad | August-Ad

If you see any application on the iPhone Islam site, by clicking on it, it will take you to the App-back application, to know its features, an overview in Arabic, and perhaps a video and an article about this application.

It also supports the new version of the "Voice Over" application, which enables blind people and people with special needs to follow iPhone Islam articles and listen to them easily.

Premium Membership:

In the context of our constant keenness and endeavor to provide everything that is best for our dear followers. In appreciation of the value of distinction as an integral part of the development and communication system, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in the Premium Membership for iPhone Islam, which gives the following user:

Instant alerts: In our time, the sooner you know the news, the stronger it becomes. For those with a premium membership, once a new article is published, you will receive a notification of that within seconds of its publication, so you will be the first to know about it.

Registered account: The distinguished member can register an account on the iPhone Islam website, which enables him to add the comment directly without the need to enter the mailing address each time. Your comments will also appear differently on the site, indicating that you are a premium member.

Sync: After activating the premium membership, you will be able to synchronize your favorite articles between your different devices via the cloud. If you put an article in the iPhone favorites, you will find it appear immediately on the iPad.

Featured Download: Seven article on Friday is one of the distinguished articles that make special offers. The reader switches between the Islam iPhone application and the store several times to download the applications, but the distinguished member will be able to open the software store directly from within the application without bothering to go to the store and return again to the article.

If you choose to get additional features, this supports us to continue the process, and there are more updates coming on the way to add special benefits to subscribers.

Islam iPhone application is an essential application on Apple devices for every Arab user, and when the number of beneficiaries of this application reaches more than a million and a half users, there is a great responsibility on us; The application is not only a tool for the delivery of information, and the most important thing is the information, its value and the method of delivering it to the user.

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Blog administrator's word

The iPhone Islam site has unique values ​​that many of our followers have known over the past years, the most important of which is not to occupy the user with a lot of news and articles that make him forget the world and feel as if the world revolves around the apple. At the same time, our goal is for the user to be a professional and knowledgeable in all technical matters and important news, and how to take advantage of the device that benefits him, saves his time and makes his life easier. This balance between benefit and saving time is our most important concern, so you will only find important and useful articles that offer you something really useful, and you will not find anything that contradicts our values ​​and morals that our religion urged us to do.

And most of all, what makes us continue to serve you with all activity is this amazing love that united us, this mutual respect and appreciation that we receive from you.

Thank you to all those who follow, young and old, thank you, pioneers of the iPhone Islam site. And tell us your opinion on the new application

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