By the grace of God last week, we launched the new version of the Islam iPhone application, which contains several advantages that we provided a detailed explanation for In a previous articleAnd, thanks to God, the number of application users increased significantly, which caused an overload on the application and site servers, and now it is time for iPhone Islam users to get the renewal they deserve from their favorite site so that the iPhone Islam site comes on better servers and in a new outfit.

If you are someone who opens the iPhone Islam website on a computer, you may have seen a completely new and different form from the previous view, as it displays the latest articles side by side, at the top of the site you will find the main sections and also the sub-sections of the articles presented to you, and they change according to the articles of the page :

The search has been moved from the right of the page to be the far left, and below it appears links to the social sites of iPhone Islam to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn

When you open the article, you will find it displayed in a new way. At the top of each article, the classification placed in it appears and you can click on it, as well as the name of the author and by clicking on it, the articles he wrote will be opened for you, and you can know the number of comments and the preference for comment.

Below the article you will find a suggestion for articles similar to the current one, and on the left you can access the latest articles, featured articles, or the latest comments on the site and also hashtags.

Also, distinguished members can log in and thus add comments in the distinctive way:

You will also find the latest tweets from the App-Aad account to keep you informed of the most important applications and articles:

At the end of the page, you will find a review of the company's applications, the team, and the way to contact us:

The form of articles has also been updated in the iPhone Islam application, so that similar articles appear and also the way to browse them has become new and in a better and clearer font.

We would like to thank the team Arab hosts And stylist Fouad Badawi On the effort made to make the site better.

The site of the iPhone Islam on the new servers is still in experimental mode, so tell us your opinion about the new design and the speed of the site and do you see any defects or there are suggestions, and we are pleased to receive all the opinions and we will work to meet them, God willing

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