In a store full of nearly a million applications, it has become like an orchard crowded with roses of different colors and perfumes, as well as converging, which makes the choice difficult for the pioneers of the garden to find what they are looking for and choose what suits them precisely, and the task increases as well for the developers not only to attract one of them Attention to a distinguished application, but for this application to seize the minds and hearts of a large segment of users in a way that achieves the presence of hundreds of thousands as well as millions of devices.

The "To My Prayer" app is a vivid example of Islam's iPhone's attention and concern for this fact. It is not clear to anyone the number of applications that revolve around prayer times, determining the direction of direction, remembrance of prayer ... and others.

All of these services are exactly what the "To My Prayer" app is all about. So what could make it a truly outstanding app? And what prompted us to invest extraordinary money, time, and effort so that the result is an application like this one that is in your hands now? It is the truth that we believe in, and we are keen to inculcate it in every member of our team, and that it is reflected in everything we offer. This fact is: If we want our products to capture the minds and hearts of our users .. they must seize our minds and our hearts, and this is what the “To My Prayer” application came out with.

When I wonder: What do I hope - as a Muslim - in an application concerned with prayer? What would make this app my first app and not go by a day without me using it once, two and ten?

Our main concern when designing an application To Salati is to be a verse in beauty, its interface is simple and provides the user with exactly what he wants to know without distraction. So when you open the application, you find a clear screen in which the remaining time for the next prayer appears, and by touching the screen, all the information and sections you want appears.

If you want to know the times for upcoming prayers, just swipe down to show you:

It comes to My Prayer with a number of themes and animated backgrounds that change for each prayer, and you can activate any of them whether you want a natural background or have mosques and so on. More can be purchased.

Each theme comes equipped with a beautifully displayed fully cinematic Azan, and each has a different muezzin sound. And if you feel at any time that you want to hear the call to prayer, just touch the Athan icon to display it for you.

There is no doubt that the most important thing in prayer applications is set prayer timings, most prayer applications come equipped with default timings settings that depend on your current location and give the user the option to change them, but the big challenge facing users is changing the setting and then closing the settings screen and going to the main program interface to see the effect That on prayer times.

The question here is, why do prayer applications not explain these settings and their benefits in setting prayer times? Why does he not see its immediate effect on prayer times? Here comes the role of the most important feature of the application To My Prayer, the quick settings (Wizard) that enables you to have a set prayer timing with a full explanation and knowledge of each setting and see its immediate effect on prayer times.

The application enables you to add more than one city to show you prayer times, and you can move between cities in a smooth way by swiping to the left or right. This feature is very important for those who move around or travel a lot. Also, unlike all other prayer apps, you do not need to adjust the settings whenever you change the country, as “My Prayer” will keep it for you.

If you want to remind your friends of prayer times, you can do this by long pressing on any prayer to show you the option to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Our lives are supposed to revolve around prayer - not the other way around -. Sometimes we schedule meetings with prayer dates. For example, you say to your friend, “We will meet after the afternoon prayer,” but does everyone keep prayer times accurately, especially for other countries? For example, you want to talk to your friend who studies in London and he tells you that he comes home after dinner. Do you have to know the time of dinner there, then calculate the time difference and then remember to call him!

of course not! Just swipe left or right until you move to the prayer times in the city of London that you added to the program settings, and then by long pressing the evening prayer time, you will see the ability to record an appointment, and this will be added to your device’s calendar without the trouble of knowing the date and then converting and remembering that yourself.

Sometimes we get busy with important work and we are surprised by the time of prayer, so we close what we do and perform ablution and then go to prayer to find the time for congregational prayer has passed, so we added to the app a reminder before prayer with a human voice to tell you, for example, "The time for Asr prayer is approaching."

To my prayers application is the only application that alerts you to make your phone silent, just add the mosque in which you pray, and when you approach it at the time of prayer, the application will tell you that you should make your phone silent. (It is not possible to make the phone silent automatically because Apple prevents it) However, this is much better because the app alerts you when approaching the mosque and this is the time when you want to turn off the sounds on your phone, so there is no need to turn off the sound while you are at home or late for prayer.

What was mentioned in this article, it is not all the features of the program To Salati, we have paid attention to the smallest details, and there are many advantages; Such as:

  • The Athan icon turns red during times when prayer is disliked.
  • Double tap the screen to turn off the brightness. (This is very useful when sleeping)
  • Alarm with different Azan for each prayer. Or choose a sound for alerts from several voices.
  • Qibla compass, it lights up in the right direction.
  • Remembrance of prayer - before, during and after -.
  • Share mosques with their locations, photos, and prayer times.
  • Knowing the times of prayers for the next week.

And finally, We have prepared this video for you to learn more about the application:

The "To My Prayer" application is now available on the App Store. Get it now at 40% off for one day only.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

The “To My Prayer” application was worked on for a year by the best MIMV developers and designers, and led by people with great experience in the field of mobile phone applications, and we spared no effort to make the application in the best way. If the application does not meet your requirements or you cannot download it to see the efforts that have been made in it, all we hope from you is a good word and prayers for good, and God willing, the application will continue to be developed to be the best application in the world and reach every Muslim, whether Arab or non-Arab.

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