In continuation of our role in spreading targeted Arab applications in various software stores, which began in the Apple Store and then the Android Store, in which we issued an application last month Kiss in virtual reality Which achieved tens of thousands of downloads and rated its visitors 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, which is a rating that surpasses most international applications in the Google Store. Now it is the turn of the next application, which is a "quote".

Most of us realize the importance of quotes and we always transmit famous sayings in our conversations, but at the time that many applications that provide sayings in English are spread in the foreign store, we find the Arab store poor in these applications. A thousand quotes in various fields and for authors with different orientations and interests. Some of these quotes are originally in Arabic, others are translated, and there are also some quotes taken from young writers on the Internet.

The importance of reading quotes and quotes is countless, as it opens the mind to horizons that were not thought of through questions, ideas and thoughts, and if you feel despair and hopeless, you will find some that arouse enthusiasm again inside you and push you to optimism. Even if you want fun and humor, there are some sarcastic quotes. And due to the importance of big quotes, we sought to provide in the application the ability to share quotes in various available ways.

Application Sections:

☆ Their commandments: Includes a collection of quotes in the form of unconventional and meaningful advice and recommendations.
☆ Thoughts: A group of ideas on various topics that came to the fore, deserves to be shared.
Feelings: It contains many quotes about different human feelings and expresses them in an influential literary way.
Reflections: It displays a collection of others' reflections on life and the essence of human experience.
Humanities: Quotes that talk about what goes on in the human mind about himself.
Sarcasm: Ironic quotes and give a new dimension to many concepts.
☆ Question: Philosophical questions, some of them literary, stimulating thinking and research.
☆ Writing: All of the above is communicated to us by sharing it with us through writing. This section includes many quotes about writing and the writer's relationship with it.

Now you can download a quote application from the Google Play Store for free through this link.

If you do not have a quote application on your device, do not deprive yourself of the benefit and download it now, it is free

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

What is our next application that you wish to see your Android friends benefit from as you do in Apple?

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