Time passes faster than we can imagine, so we are surprised that the days, months, and perhaps years pass by us without realizing it. When we start working on a project and indulge in it, we are surprised at the end that it took longer than we imagined, so when we thought about our next application that we must transfer to our brothers who are Android users , This app used to be a "talking clock" so they had a way to notify over time.

The Talking Clock application is unique in being the first application to speak the clock in Arabic in the Apple App Store and has the distinction of being the only one of its kind.Speaking time“And now it is time for the application to play the same role in the Google Store, and indeed, thank God, the application was released a few days ago, to be the first application to do this important in the Google Store, and not only this, but the only application for that.

The application works with the same idea and the way we know it in iOS, which is that at exactly every hour it issues an alarm such as "The time is now three, the time is now seven" and so on without the need to open the application, and the application is characterized by:

  • The first Arabic speaking watch.
  • A group of sounds for alerts and hourly sounds in Arabic and English, as well as fun sounds.
  • It speaks the time every hour even if the app is closed.
  • Ability to control the hours of speaking time.
  • Pronounce time in detail minutes and hours when you open the app.
  • Speak time immediately upon opening the application and through a special button to speak the time when pressed.
  • You can choose between four distinct shapes that suit all tastes.
  • Display the day, date and weather.
  • The appearance of the time can be set on a 24 hour system.
  • An alarm that can be set to run on a daily basis or at a specific time.
  • Alarm with snooze capability for repeated alarms.
  • Multiple alarm sounds.

You can download the application from the Android Store through this link:

If you do not have the app in iOS, you can get it Universal:

‎Clock Chime

last word:

We promise you that work will continue in all operating systems. Soon, God willing, we will have updates for the most popular applications you love in the Apple software store, and we will not talk now what they are, but we promise you big surprises. At the same time, we will work on publishing more applications in the Android Store and we will not stop at it only, but we will reach, God willing, all available stores so that our mission will continue to provide Arab applications aimed at the Arab user, regardless of the operating system he uses. We remind you that the number of our applications now in the Android Store has reached 6 applications.


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