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When we talk about cell phones, some may think that it is a recent invention or it appeared 20 years ago, for example, but the truth is that the first mobile phone appeared 89 years ago, specifically in 1924, and the first actual mobile phone was in 1973. The company "Mobily" presented a wonderful video On its official YouTube page to tell the story of the evolution of mobile phones.

Companies around the world have a great social role and responsibility, they are interested in developing society and spreading culture and knowledge, and this matter is not widespread in the technology world in our Arab world, and Mobily is one of the few companies that seeks to hold periodic conferences for applications and also publish educational videos from which we chose a video. Review the history of the development of mobile phones, and from it we took these pictures that illustrate the main stages:

Until phones began to appear in the real world as a device that you can carry with you everywhere.

A significant shift in the history of phones with the emergence of third-generation networks, which provided very fast data transmission over the previous generation.

The reinvention of phones by Steve Jobs and the unveiling of the first generation of the iPhone in 2007 - and the emergence of the iPhone Islam site :-D

Until we arrived in 2013 and the iPhone 5s, which provided a fingerprint reader - Touch ID - in a practical and effective way.

Watch the mobile evolution video:

What is the most defining stage in the history of mobile phones? Is it the third generation networks or the innovation of the iPhone?

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