{Those who, if a calamity befalls them, said: We belong to God and to Him we shall return}
Yesterday, the company MIMV, the owner of the iPhone site Islam, lost one of our brothers who was working as the managing director of the company.

our brother Amr Abdel Rahman He was a good brother and friend. He did not work with us for long, since only 11 months ago, he moved to work with us, perhaps not much in the age of our company, which exceeded six years, but Amr's impact on us was great. I got to know him in the mosque when he was our imam in Tarawih prayers and I performed i'tikaaf with him in Ramadan and he used to teach me to recite the Qur’an from time to time, all this before I-iPhone Islam and before we established our company, but what I noticed about Amr is his diligence, mastery and sincerity. The days passed, and I left the neighborhood and moved away, but God kept friendliness and love for him in my heart. Years passed, and God forbid that we meet again, and the truth amazed me with the experience and skill he gained during these years, not in our field of specialization, which is technology, but in the field of management, and I offered to join our company, so he refused and told me that his place and salary in Vodafone is very good. I told him, I will not tell you, as Steve Jobs said, do you want to work in selling SIM cards or do you want to come with us to change the world. Rather, I will tell you that if you quit your job, Vodafone will not be affected, and if you join iPhone Islam, millions will feel your effort.

Indeed, Amr made a difficult decision, leaving work in a large company and moving to a company that dreams of making its mark in the Arab world and even the whole world.

Amr became the managing director of the company and began to learn the technology and learn the stages of application development in addition to his administrative duties, and in a few months, Amr became proficient in the arts of work. He was very ambitious, even more than me, and he looked at our company with great pride and worked hard and sincerely to make it one of the largest companies in the Arab world, but the whole world.

Amr Abdel-Rahman was very optimistic and always tried to bring us together outside of work, either in a football match, at a party in the company, or about games that he bought with his own money, he brought joy to our hearts and at the same time he liked the disciplined work.

If you want to remember Amr Abdel-Rahman, you will find his voice alerting you with every call to prayer when prayer approaches. Amr insisted that the sounds of an application be recorded to my prayers in a professional voice recording studio and he was not satisfied that the recording with non-professional tools is convinced that mastery at work is what makes success.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

My brother Amr, we will miss you and we will always remember you by praying, God willing, and we ask God to accept you from the martyrs and to forgive and have mercy on you and to bring us together with you in the Garden of Eden happy with what our Lord has blessed us with His mercy and bounty.

"Until we meet you, your voice will continue to remind us of prayer."

Tariq Mansour

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