A week ago, the conversation in all Arab and international sites - and even our site - revolves around the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, explaining some of the advantages andRespond to the ridicule of othersAnd explain how it will be The size of every phone in your hand And other things, but there was still a lost question looking for an answer. This question is: "I now have an iPhone 5s. Do I need to upgrade, and will I find a difference and it will be of use to me, or is it just a waste of hundreds of dollars?" In this article we will seek to answer this question.

Is the new iPhone good for me?

Important note:

  • We have no interest in buying the new iPhone or staying on your current device, we are not Apple and we do not get a share of the sales.  .
  • All the information mentioned is based on the Apple website and the specialists who examined the device (the device has not yet been sold).
  • We will review the advantages and give suggestions; But in the end, the purchase decision is up to you alone, because you are the one who will pay for the device and you can decide whether there is a benefit to you or not.
  • In this article, we will discuss whether or not to upgrade. As for the matter of choosing the 6 or 6 Plus, you can return to this link Or, wait for a detailed article soon.

the screen:


The most prominent change in the new devices is the screen, which increased in size, and also improved clearly - see this link-. A large screen means better viewing of more content, but it has several disadvantages such as the size becoming larger, and many accessories may not fit it.

We recommend to upgradeIf you use your phone for frequent reading, surfing the Internet, or in high light; You will feel a big difference in Retina HD.

We do not recommend an upgrade: You have a large number of accessories that will not correspond to the new size, or if your hands are small.

Speed ​​and performance:


Apple's 64Bit processor is distinctive and achieved impressive performance out of most other processors. The new device will be 25% faster in performance in general and 50% in games, a difference that may not be noticeable. Especially since we have become accustomed in recent years that the new Apple device is 100% faster. But in games you may find a noticeable improvement.

If speed is the main factor for you We do not recommend an upgrade; The difference will not be impressive, rather there is only improvement.



Apple kept the same camera with the same number of mega-pixels. The most prominent change in the camera came in filming the video, which got many new advantages, while normal photography “pictures” examined it relatively less. Where he got "improvements" and the addition of optical stabilizer in 6 Plus only.

We recommend upgrading: You shoot many videos and are interested in the cinematic quality, as well as 1080p @ 60fps photography and 240p slow motion.

We do not recommend upgrading: Not interested in photography, or satisfied with the camera's current performance - which is really impressive from a millionaire point of view -.

the battery:

The biggest challenge and obstacle facing smart phones and devices in general is the battery, what is the benefit of a powerful device without a strong battery? In the new Apple devices, the size of the screen and the device has increased; Thus, Apple was able to add a more powerful battery in the iPhone 6 and another wonderful battery in the iPhone 6 Plus.


We recommend upgrading: If you want better, longer battery performance and reduced battery times.

We do not recommend upgrading: If you see the current 5s battery suffice for your needs and not cause a problem for you.

Other changes:

  • Apple Pay only works in America and is present in the iPhone 6 family. If you live there, the upgrade is a recommended option. Otherwise, you will not benefit from it.
  • For athletes and mountain climbers, Apple has added a barometer sensor.
  • The new iPhone supports fourth generation networks, as well as better Wi-Fi.

After your review of the differences, do you see the new iPhone of benefit for you and will you upgrade or will it remain on your current device? Tell us what you think

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