Finally, on September 19, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released after queues had stood around stores for days. And as we are used to every year, the first videos that are published are not reviews or reviews of the box, but videos of the destruction of the device. So let's see, does the new phone withstand or fail the many drop tests?

Drop test for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The story of dropping, chopping, or shooting a new device and other videos that spread after the release of any new device is nothing more than a matter of marketing and propaganda, nothing more, nothing less. The price of the new iPhone is $ 199 and $ 299 for copies with two-year contracts, or $ 649 and $ 749 for open copies. This number is a small price for the publicity that the person or entity that does his work gets. Everyone is waiting for the phone and they love it, this will attract them to watch the videos of smashing it.

In theory, Apple did not change anything to make it withstand more than the 5s, as it is made of the same glass and the back is aluminum. Would he bear the fall ?!

* The video was captured in 240p slow motion, which is unique to the new devices

Another video from a popular Android site that didn't even crash by falling onto the screen

What do you think of the iPhone's durability? Do you see it surpasses others - in the fall - or should Apple protect it more? Share your opinion



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