With Apple's release of iOS 8, then the latest version 8.1, as well as the recent update of OS X Yosemite, there has become an important feature that Apple called "Continuity" or what we can call in Arabic the feature to continue working where you can from any device to continue what you were doing On any other device, whether this device is an iPhone, an iPad, or even a Mac computer. In this article, we will get to know everything about this feature.

HandOff has everything you need to know about the Keep Working feature

Continuing to work is a great feature as it makes you free while doing your work, as you can complete what you were doing wherever you are, for example if you are surfing the Internet or writing a text file or reviewing spreadsheets on the Mac and you have to leave your place, as soon as you hold the iPad, you will find it appears to you. The ability to continue the thing that you were doing by using the Handoff feature, which counts as sections of the feature.

Continuity is divided into three main sections:

  • HandoffTo complement what you were doing on a device other than the one you started working on.
  • Calls and messages: You can receive calls and text messages on your Mac or iPad as long as they are synchronized with the iPhone.
  • InternetInstant Hotspot feature enables you to open Personal Hotspot automatically

How does Handoff work?


After activating the Handoff feature on the phone and computer and while browsing the Internet or using any application that supports the feature on the iPad or iPhone, you will find on your computer an icon appears in the bottom left as in the picture at the top telling you that there is something that you can complete. The same thing also works in reverse. If you are doing something on the computer or iPad, the icon will appear at the bottom left of the lock screen on the iPhone, and so on.


What applications can I use in the Handoff?

During the conference, Apple announced several applications that enable you to use the Handoff feature, such as Mail, Safari, and the Office package applications, namely Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, as well as Maps, Messages, Reminders and Names. She added that any developer can update their application to support this feature.

How can I activate the feature of receiving calls and text messages on an iPad / computer?

The feature of receiving calls on the iPad was explained in detail in a previous article, which you will find in this link You can return to it or follow the following steps:


To activate the feature, take the following steps:


Log in to the cloud - iCloud - on all your devices with the same account. It does not matter what services you do, but it is important to log in with the same account on the iPhone and iPad.


Ensure that your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, as The method will not work When your devices are connected on different networks.


Make sure that you are logged into the FaceTime service on the iPhone and iPad with the same account as well, and that the service is activated.


Do the service by going to Settings> General> Handoff and enable it



For T-Mobile users in America, turn off the Wi-Fi calling feature.

Congratulations the steps have finished If you have a connection on the iPhone, you will find it appears on the iPad and tells you that this connection is from the iPhone.

This feature is great, especially for iPad users, as they can leave the iPhone in any room or on the charger, and if they get a call, they can answer it from the iPad and when they reach the phone, they move to it. And in iOS 8.1, SMS also arrives on the iPad.

Automatic Personal Hotspot

The last feature, which is the instant hostspot, is not known to many users because we are able to create a personal hotspot for years, so what is new about it? What is new is that in the past, when you wanted to log in from your computer on the Internet, you had to go to the settings in the phone and activate it and then close it after completion, but this is now past.

Suppose, for example, that you use the iPad as a personal hotspot to enter from the iPhone on it, every time you had to open the iPad settings and activate the Personal Hotspot and then enter from the iPhone on it. Now, in iOS 8, as soon as you go to the iPhone settings, you will find it an option that the device you are connected to always - iPad - is available and the charge percentage appears - once you choose the device, you will find it automatically activates the hotspot on the iPad without going to it or holding it, and once it is finished it will He shuts it again. The same goes for Mac.


Important Notes:

There are some important points to note in order to take advantage of the benefits of continuing work:

  • All devices must be running iOS 8 or 10.10, for Mac.
  • The devices that will continue working with each other must be linked to the same cloud account.
  • When we mention in the explanation a phrase like in the settings of the iPhone, the same applies to the iPad or Mac, so the same functions you can do, so if you start your work on the Mac, you can continue on the iPhone or the iPad and vice versa.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be open in the devices between which you want to continue business.
  • Advantages require Bluetooth 4 in the computer, meaning it will not work on old Macs

Watch a great video to explain the feature

What do you think of the continue working feature in iOS 8? If you used it before, tell us what you think about it and do you think it saves a lot of time for you?

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