Have you ever bought an app by mistake or was not working so well as it was just a scam picture? Or even one of your kids has purchased an in-app add-on. Apple gives you the ability to recover the amount paid.


In the beginning, you must know that Apple provides a possibility, not a certain matter, so in order to recover an amount, there must be a real problem that was made or purchased by mistake or something, and this is in order for Apple to prevent the exploitation of the matter, so anyone buys an application, then tests it, takes advantage of it, and retrieves His money back. If you have a real reason, take the following steps:


Go to the Apple page for reporting problems with purchase, which is a site reportproblem.apple.com


Sign in with the Apple ID account you made the purchase from, whether this is an app, in-app purchases, videos, or audios.


You will see a list of what you have purchased during the past 90 days - free and paid -. Select the application whose value you want to recover and click Report a problem.

How to retrieve an amount from the Apple Store


Click on the menu and choose the cause of the problem, and you can choose from the list or if you do not find a real reason for the problem, click on the latest option (Problem is not listed here)



In the place of writing - as it appears in the picture above - write a description of the problem you are facing and the reason for requesting a refund of your money, then press Submit



You will find a message stating that Apple will contact you within the next 48 hours.

Important Notes:

  • The application submission time must be within 90 days of purchasing the application.
  • Provide a genuine reason for the request.
  • Apple has the right to reject or approve your request, just submitting the request does not mean that it will be approved

Have you ever bought apps by mistake and needed a refund?

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