There are always negatives to everything new, as the defects are not discovered until after continuous use, and among the first examples is the iOS 8 system itself, all the way to the iPhone 6 and its older brother, the iPhone 6 Plus, which everyone knows that they represent the biggest change during the iPhone's march. If you are now thinking about owning it, there are factors that you should consider. It is not enough to consider only the advantages, but also to consider the disadvantages that may prevent you from purchasing the latest version of your favorite phone.

About experience; Disadvantages of iPhone 6

This article is only an opinion about iPhone Islam after the actual experience of the phone, and you may disagree with us or agree. But in the end it is just a private point of view



Apple devices are known for their luxury (and when I say luxury, I do not mean the outward appearance only, but the feeling while holding the phone in your hands), and we remember when we saw the iPhone 3Gs pictures on the Internet before its release, we thought that this luxury was gone after it was the first iPhone (2G) in its time. A symbol of luxury. But after we grabbed the phone and actually used it, the outlook changed completely, as the phone was luxurious and felt as if it was made of fine ivory. In all its details, it indicates that it is a high-end product from Apple.

And with the iPhone 6, the matter was repeated, when we saw its pictures, we liked it and asked where is the luxury of Apple in the design, but this time we were sure that when the phone comes out and we see it with our eyes, hold it and use it, our view will change as usual. Unfortunately, this did not happen. We are not saying that the iPhone 6 looks cheap, but we say that it lacks Apple's luxury. Perhaps this feeling is only perceived by many users who are familiar with the tenth of Apple products.

Machine power


The iPhone 6, like other Apple devices, can not doubt its strength and durability, and we have seen the drop tests and torture tests for this phone and it has withstood all of them well. But it appears that this does not apply to his older brother 6 Plus and that he may bend easily. Certainly, no one will intentionally bend his phone, but some circumstances may lead to that, such as sitting on it by mistake or putting it in the back pocket and forgetting it. A very logical thing for a device that's as thin as this and made of ammonium. But to feel that your phone may be exposed to this, even if the possibility is small is a worrying thing. And in the end, the Cover may solve the problem.

Prominent camera

iphone 6 camera - iphone islam

One of the disadvantages of thin phones with a powerful camera is the protrusion of the camera. So why is a camera so prominent? Simply the camera technology has not developed enough to take up less space and focus effectively in it. As we saw in the Apple event, the camera lens moves back and forth, and in the iPhone 6 Plus it moves down and up as well. In fact, the emergence of the camera did not cause us a problem as we expected. But we would have preferred that this prominence disappear. To keep the iPhone in its distinctive shape.

One-handed use

iPhone 6 iPhone Islam

It may not be a defect for a large segment of users, but there is a small segment that loved the iPhone for this thing, as many users have moved from other companies to the iPhone not for the sake of the camera, the specifications of the device or its design, but rather the comfort of using it, if you think that Apple has neglected it. One of its revolutionary advantages, which it has boasted of for years, may be one of regrets if you bought the iPhone 6 and more regret buying the 6 Plus. Check out this article Learn how Apple faced the challenges of using one-handed use with large screens

This article is to mention the disadvantages of the iPhone, and the advantages are many, and we have talked about them previously. Share your opinion with us in the comments section. Have you withdrawn from buying the iPhone for one of the previous reasons, or do you have your own reason?

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