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Are you facing any problem with your device? Most of us have encountered or encountered a problem with their device, we are here at iPhone Islam we strive to help you solve these problems by writing useful articles, but we cannot help you personally, either by mail or responding to comments. What do you think to ask the concerned person himself? Apple company! Yes, you can call Apple and ask them about anything facing you. This connection is free of charge and also in Arabic.


Apple provides telephone support service in many countries, but in most cases these countries are where Apple stores are available directly, and the user in our Arab countries had to call internationally to any of the international numbers. But with the company’s expansion, it decided to give the Arab world more attention and provided numbers. Anyone can call directly from his country and often for free. Here are the country numbers ...

  • Egypt: 08000000888
  • Saudi Arabia: 8008449724 to STC
  • Saudi Arabia: 8008500032 for Zain and Mobily
  • United Arab Emirates: 80004440407
  • Bahrain : 80081552
  • Oman: 80077471
  • Qatar: 00800100356
  • Kuwait: 22282292
  • Lebanon: 01426801 then 8552789177

And for the rest of the supported countries, visit the Apple page via this link

Countries not listed can get online support at this link

How do you contact Apple and what support do they provide?

In the beginning, and before you call Apple, you must have the "Serial Number" of the device that you want to know details about or has a problem, this number you can access by going to Settings then General and it will appear to you:


You can also find it on the back of the iPad and iPod touch


After you have obtained the serial number, call the number for your country -Some countries have numbers available for calling from landlines only, not mobile phones-. The auto responder will respond to you in Arabic (in some countries) and you will be asked to choose the type of your device, such as for the iPhone to say press number 1 and for the iPad to press number 2 and so on, and in the end the Apple employee will respond to you.

When we tried direct contact with Apple, we finally came to the employee who spoke in English, so we asked him whether we could speak Arabic, so here he told us that he speaks Arabic and indeed the language of dialogue has changed :) And the employee told us that they provide full support, whether answering any question about the company or problems in the system. But if there is a problem with the device itself, he will ask you about the country and where you got the device in order to guide you to the nearest place from which you can get Apple service and repair your device. Truth be told, great service.

What do you think about Apple providing the ability to contact it from the Arab world? If you were to contact Apple by phone, what would be your question or reason for calling? And don't forget to tell us about your experience.

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