We often receive comments that encounter problems with Apple devices or services, and this may cause inconvenience to inquirers because the team is unable to respond to the huge number of inquiries and problems that some face, so we will review together how to communicate with the competent Apple team, which will help you reach a solution.

CallAppleSupport Apple customer service has received many awards for their distinguished after-sales service, and they are able to solve hardware and software problems, and even when a defect occurs in the charger or headphones, they will replace them for you, and we have previously talked in several articles about the experiences of some followers in their communication with Apple, In addition to what Apple has recently done to provide technical support numbers for Arab countries, and we have talked about them In this article.


If you get stuck, head over to it For the official technical support page from here From the bottom right of the screen, select your country by clicking on the flag, and a list of countries for which support is available appears, so choose your country.

Apple Support-06


Choose the type of device or service in which you are facing the problem, and let's assume that there is a problem in the iPhone device, you will find a list on the left containing several different sections containing the services in the iPhone and upon entering them you will find solutions to some problems that you may face according to the section that you have To enter it. But if you do not find the appropriate section, go to the last option, which is Contact Support

Apple Support-01


Apple will show you a list of the official iPhone operators in your country in addition to other options, so choose the second option, which is Apple Support.

Apple Support-05


Several topics will appear for you, choose the topic that suits your problem and you will find solutions to it - if you do not find the problem you are facing, press "The topic is not listed."

Apple Support-03


The site will ask you to write your problem briefly, and then it will take you to the "How would you like to receive help?"

Apple Support-04

You can get help from Apple in a number of ways:

  • CatInstant conversation with an Apple employee.
  • Schedule a Call: Set an appointment to talk to Apple over the phone, they will contact you - not available in all countries -.
  • Call Apple Support LaterMake an appointment to speak with the technical support team, and you will contact them.
  • Take in for Service: Will locate Apple branches to go to maintenance branch.
  • Contact Carrier: In countries where there are no branches of Apple, Apple contracts with telecommunications companies, so that the telecommunications companies in your country will help you.

Choose how you want to receive help - sometimes you will be asked to enter the serial number of the device - and then he will ask you several questions or ask you to enter information about the problem you are facing in detail and they will talk to you and reach a solution, God willing.

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