The cameleon keyboard has finally arrived at the software store. The time has come to get acquainted with one of the best Arabic keyboards that will change the way you use your device in general and in all applications to be more productive and faster, with a bit of fun as well.

Camelion keyboard is now in the software store

Chameleon has many advantages, some of which we mentioned in a previous article -this link- And you know her practically in Next video:

chameleon keyboard keyboard

The most important advantages of camelion

Smart word correction learns from you and adds to its dictionary so that you can write non-stop and understand what you want.


A large number of keyboards, both Arabic and Mac versions, as well as English, bubbles, smiles, and special.


A special decoration keyboard for fans of this genre.

You can create your own keyboard.


We also introduce a new keyboard called Fast Arabic.


Chameleon isn't always serious, she loves to have fun, so it offers many different sounds for the keyboard.


Provide 30 distinctive themes that you can navigate between them with one touch.


No long press of buttons to get the letter you want to write; Now the Shift button is available for the keyboard, and you can quickly navigate the keyboard by dragging the spacebar.


Download Chameleon keyboard now at half price for a limited time.

chameleon keyboard keyboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't it free, isn't it supposed to be free?
We cannot work for more than seven months and pay the salaries of developers, designers, supervisors, company and development costs, and we do not get paid for this work !!! Camelion keyboard has no ads and no ads can be placed in a keyboard also there is no in-app purchase, you buy it once and enjoy it forever.

Do they cry free one day?
No, the applications we want to continue to support cannot be free so that we can always develop them for the better. It is inconceivable that we are the only Arab company that develops keyboards technologies for touch devices and we stop.

The required amount is small and it is less than the price of the sweets, but the problem is that I do not have the means to purchase?
You must have a means of purchase to support the applications you love so that their developers can develop them for the better, and if you and others abandon them, no one will remain developing the Arab world. Alternative ways to buy from the software store.

Tell us, have you designed your own keyboard? And which feature did you like the most in the new Camelion?

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