It is wonderful to find that major international companies in various fields are interested in innovative ideas, especially when they are related to doing good. For example, a company that provides famous medical products such as the drug "Gaviscon" offers Application It is also useful for charitable deeds in Ramadan. The idea of ​​the application is great, although the application is for the purpose of announcing their product, but we must talk about it in order to encourage innovative ideas.

Share a picture of your breakfast and Gaviscon donates a meal to the poor

Gaviscon is a popular medicine for treating heartburn "heartburn", but the producing company decided to present an application in the month of Ramadan that is not just for advertising, but rather is characterized by:

Pictures of your meal: What do you think that eating food at home is a good deed? Yes, through the app, and during Ramadan, if you upload a picture of your food and your Iftar meal, Gaviscon will donate an Iftar meal to those fasting in need. You can take the photo immediately or download it from the phone's photo album. great idea come on Download the app And upload a picture of your breakfast to feed the poor Muslims in Ramadan.


Ramadan recipesWhat will you have for breakfast today? A question that preoccupies many of us, so the application includes dozens of delicious meals that are suitable for breakfast.


around you: A database in the application that enables you to know the nearest mosque as well as where to eat breakfast.


A reminder to pray: Because of the long hours of fasting, you may forget or disturb the time of taking your medications, so you can from within the application set the times of prayer, Iftar and Suhoor, and the application will remind you when to take the daily dose of Gaviscon.


The Gaviscon app comes with other features such as an Iftar prayer, constipation time, breakfast, and a reminder to take medication.


Download the Gaviscon app now and take a photo of your breakfast today to be donated to the poor. This will not cost you anything, as the application is free and taking a photo takes seconds, but it will be met by a fasting Muslim iftar.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

What do you think of the innovative idea of ​​the Gaviscon application? Will you participate in the campaign with your food?

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