Steve Jobs' close friend for more than 15 years and was the only one in Apple who could oppose Steve Jobs and even persuade him to offer products and designs he did not like. The most powerful person in Apple, and when it clashes with any other leadership, it is destined to leave the company and is proud to be the person who owns 5000 patents registered for it. In this article, we learn about the genius of Apple products over a quarter of a century; It's Johnny Ive.

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Johnny Ive is the Vice President of Apple for Industrial Design, which is the department responsible for designing various Apple products, and in the following lines, we will get to know this genius more.

His childhood and pre-Apple

Jonathan Ive was born in England in 1967 and his father worked in the design field. Johnny became attached to his father's designs and commented that he was waiting for Christmas to get an innovative gift from him. Then days passed, and Johnny's genius began with the designs at the age of 14 years, so he would re-imagine the devices around him, and sometimes he would disassemble them to see the interior design, then reimagine and design it again. After Johnny graduated from college, he started working in a company specializing in designing household products. His first design faced a complete rejection of the customer, "it was designing a toilet," the reason for the refusal was that it was a manufacturing expensive design. Johnny mentioned that he felt frustrated in his early days and talked to his father that he wanted to leave this field, as no one likes these expensive designs.


In 1992 he started with friends, a company specializing in design and technical consulting. By chance, Apple became a customer of this company, and soon Johnny offered to move to Apple. This was the matter and he moved to America and the era of Apple began.

Johnny Ive at Apple


The first tasks assigned to him were to design a new shape for the Mac devices, as Apple needed a revolutionary new design for it, and in 1996 the disputes escalated in the company and Johnny's manager resigned, who persuaded him to move to Apple, and a few months later, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and it was one of the first decisions. Administrative appointment of Johnny Ive as head of Apple Product Design. And Steve Jobs met with him and told him that they had to present a revolutionary new design for Mac computers. Indeed, Johnny did not disappoint Steve and after months presented him with a new design for a product that Steve Jobs decided to call iMac


Jobs was impressed with the design of the new device, but he got into a big dispute over the material used in the manufacture of the device, where Johnny insisted that it be made of strong and transparent plastic at the same time, and in the end Jobs stood up and the device was as in the previous picture in 1998. Johnny continued to design many Apple products Creative as he presented the following year a radically new design for laptops, the iBook, which is the godfather of the current MacBook.


In 2001 Johnny presented to us an innovative new product family, which is the "iPod", then the smallest Mac family, which is the Mini in 2005, as well as the MacBook family in 2006, as well as the giant Mac Pro devices. Apple's special year came 2007, in which the company first introduced the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch and the first generation of Apple TV, and the previous products swept the market with the name Johnny Eve. In the following year, Apple exploded a new design surprise by introducing the Macbook Air family, which was a design revolution at the time. At the end of 2008, Johnny presented the aluminum-designed MacBook family for the first time, as previous Macs were plastic. In 2010 Johnny introduced the iPad design, in 2012 Apple introduced the thinnest iMac, in 2013 a revolutionary new design for the Mac Pro, and in 2014 he presented the Apple Watch, and in 2015 the iPad Pro as well as the fourth generation of TV.

Miscellaneous from Johnny Eve


He is Steve Jobs' best friend in Apple, and it is said that before he underwent surgery to eradicate cancer in 2004, he asked to speak to two people, his wife and Johnny Eve, which indicates the strength of the friendship between them.



Steve Jobs rejected the idea that Apple would offer any devices in white, but Johnny Ive convinced him of this and insisted that white was a distinctive color, and then he managed to convince Jobs again of the aluminum design. Without Johnny we wouldn't have seen a white iPhone or a white Mac.


Johnny is fond of cars and had a serious car accident on one occasion. He now owns several cars, such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Land Rover, "English brands".


Johnny thought about leaving Apple in 2011, but Jobs managed to persuade him to stay, and it is said that for this persuasion he received $ 30 million.


Johnny Eve's research lab is top secret, no Apple employee is allowed inside, and it is said that some of the Apple department managers themselves, some of them, are not. There is an office for Johnny that no one else can enter, nor can even Tim Cook enter it.

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Johnny Eve suffers from Dyslexia, a disease of dyslexia, and sufferers of it have difficulty reading correctly and spelling. This is the reason that Johnny spoke at Apple conferences only with produced videos. It is reported that Einstein was suffering from the same disease and that many famous people such as Graham Bell "inventor of the telephone" and Thomas Edison "inventor of the lamp."


Johnny Eve owns 5000 patented design.


Johnny Ive got the knight of "Sir" from the Queen of Britain, and this title is an important aristocratic title.



Johnny got married at the age of 20 and has twins. Johnny is thinking of returning to England to teach them there, where he loves everything English "remember the types of his car."


Johnny Eve is responsible for any design of anything in Apple, whether designing products for sale or designing the Mac, iOS and watch system, and even designing stores, advertisements and advertisements for the company.


pointed out Dieter Rams In numerous statements that Johnny Eve and Apple are the ones working on his design principles.


Johnny Eve follows the same philosophy as Steve Jobs in the outfit at work, as he has appeared in the last 15 years in Apple's promotional videos with the same "T-shirt" design and sometimes the same color.

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