We have shown Confrontation game In Islam's iPhone selection of seven applications, many liked this game and asked us to explain it in more detail. Because it is rare that we find really fun Arab games, and you find those responsible for them paying attention to the smallest details in the design, the diversity of playing methods, the periodic and daily rewards, and the abundance of information and sections. So here are some details about the confrontation game.



When you open the confrontation game, you will find a simple interface where the "confrontation" button appears clearly. By clicking on it, you choose to challenge others. The game provides options such as a 5-round confrontation in which it seeks to achieve victory in a 5-round information fight. There is also an option to face speed, which is to ask you and your opponent 8 questions. Whoever achieves the correct and quick answer wins.


In the previous types, the questions are from various branches of information, but if you want to challenge in a specific field, there are sections of history, geography, films, television, series, religions, sports, images, slogans, medicine, nature, science, technology, the 21st century, tourist attractions, general information and literature.


Who will you face in the confrontation? The choice is yours where you can challenge a random player or friend the recognized code, or add your friends on Facebook and challenge them. The great thing is that the game shows you a sign indicating that your friend is present now or has been around recently, and this will help you choose who you challenge while providing a chat feature with your competitor and you can disable it if you want.


One of the really great things about confrontation is that there is a list of achievements, for example when you succeed in achieving 3 consecutive victories, you get a prize, when you challenge a friend, and when you achieve 5 wins. And every time you get gold dinars, you can use it to obtain aids during the confrontation, this is not the game of chance that appears for you from time to time to win one of the prizes through it.


Did you know that there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of "confrontation" users ?! So, what is your ranking in it ?! You can visit the settings and see your world ranking as well as among your friends and who are the top 100 players in your country.


The confrontation game is available for free in the software store, and there is also an Android version of the game that you can find in this link.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

Try the confrontation game and tell us your opinion about it, and what is the best game for you that you resort to when you are bored?

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