Synchronize, thanks to God, and up to this point from the technical point of view, it is light years away from its nearest competitor, and we wanted to increase this distance by supporting most of the features of iOS 10, but by supporting the features of the iPhone 7 as well. Follow us to find out what's new in Zamen and we are proud that the Arab developers have made an effort that has not yet been done in most foreign applications.

Synchronized update

⚠️ Note: An update to Sync was downloaded yesterday, its number 8.6, but it was not possible to download it for those who have iOS less than 10 and contacted with Apple and the problem was solved and the update was issued 8.7, so even if it happened previously or you had a problem, make sure that you have updated to the latest version of Sync.

The truth is we hesitated before mentioning the phrase:It is light years away from its nearest competitor“That is a very strong phrase. But what encouraged us to mention it is that we know that this is from a technical point of view, and certainly the application lacks a lot in order to be within the framework of competition, and to know how to keep pace with technology synchronization, follow these features that are distinguished by its synchronization without others ...

Advanced notifications


Sync takes advantage of the latest features of iOS 10 in displaying notifications in an advanced way and with pictures so that you can evaluate the article more clearly and whether it is worth reading or not. You can also click the Remind Me Later button if the time is not right now.


Apple Messages app

Sync doesn't put stickers in the Apple Messages app, you already have enough of them. Sync put you in a unique and useful experience inside the Apple Messages app, and it enables you to browse the latest news headlines from any section without leaving the Apple Messages app.


Suppose you are talking to someone and you want to tell him how educated you are, to open the synchronization and head to the section in which you want to have a discussion with your friend, then start “Al-Mahaitah” as our Saudi brothers say :)


Another side feature: If your friend has a synchronized app, the article will open in a synchronized app directly, and if he does not have it, it will open on a site on Safari. This is a technology called advanced bonding.

Support for the new vibrator in iPhone 7


IPhone 7 owners know the value of the Taptic Engine and how wonderful it is in its second release. When you press the screen, the device interacts with you with a simple jolt that makes you feel that the device is alive. Sync Benefit from this technology and when you open any article, you will feel that Sync is part of your wonderful experience on iPhone 7.

The ability to search the system


Taking advantage of Apple's advanced system and integrating a synchronized app into all its parts is something we seek to provide you with the best experience in obtaining information and news. So we sought to integrate sync with the iOS system so that you can find information from anywhere, just open the search on your device and type the word and you will find the articles that are suitable for you.

Notices for any source or tag

Synchronize is one of the few apps that allow you to activate notifications for any source and not just "Urgent" or "Editors' Choices". All you have to do when browsing any article and decide that this source should miss an article is to click on the source icon and then activate notifications.


Also, you can follow notifications for any tag, not just the sources, just click on the tag at the end of any article and make notifications for it.

XNUMXD touch feature


Since the release of the 10D Touch feature, Sync supports it in most of the app, and now on iOS XNUMX, the matter has gotten better, and when you click on the Strongly Sync icon, you also get the latest news.


Complete articles

Simple word, complete articles. But it is very difficult to achieve it, there are no Arab applications and many foreign countries cannot display complete articles for all sources. Today we proudly announce that all articles are fully synchronized, even foreign ones.


And not only that, but we also care about the details, for example a site like Clarifiedℹ, the small icon at the beginning of the article is important to us, and that is why we made a great effort so that it appears next to the text in a beautiful format. Sync nicely displays articles, maybe better than the sites themselves. This is what we care about most in Sync.

Full articles and maintaining the formatting of the articles and the speed of their presentation are done by the quick article technology that we have created to understand the content and convert it into a simple, fast format suitable for small devices.

What we showed today is not all of the features of synchronization, but this is a little of a lot, and we do not expect that all of these features are of interest to many users, but we expect the synchronization to be one of the distinctive applications that you put in your device.

Did you update a syncron app? Did you add new news sources? What do you want Zamen to be best for you?

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