We released a new update synchronously, and suddenly, without any introductions, hundreds of messages poured into us through the mail and via social sites. Synchronization collapses when any article is opened, and we cannot read the articles !!! Immediately we tried to find out the problem, especially that the update was not new, except that we are now converting the application to work in the Swift 3 language, the latest language from Apple to be better and faster, also the problem does not occur in any of our devices, so it was difficult to know where the defect is. But thanks to God we quickly dealt with the situation and only in two days we released an update that solves the problem, and now the latest update from Sync 9.1 in the software store and we advise everyone to update to this version.

Thank God for the safety of Zamen

At the outset, we would like to thank Apple and the software review team for their upscale handling and understanding of the situation and agreeing to review the application quickly and in limited hours and place it in the software store.

Then a big thank you, users of the Zamen application, for your understanding and love, as well as those who contacted us via mail, whether by praying for us, or with actual help and testing copies of the application until we reached a solution to the problem.

I hope it will be good

Of course, there are some who have met the application’s collapse with extreme violence and sent hurtful words and accusations of irresponsibility, but we appreciate that this is out of love and without love there is no reproach. But on the other hand, and because of this problem, we saw a large number of users who literally could not dispense with Sync, and this is what affected us greatly, and these are some of the phrases that were sent to us that indicate great love ...

Only today did I know that your app is the most important app on my device.
 Abdullah Al-Khalidi

You are our family and loved ones, and we always support you.
 - Mouhammad majdy

You do not imagine how I am working without synchronization.
 - Abd Albadeea

Praise be to God, I worked Zaman again, and God was bothering my chest, and I did not see Zaman, it was all collapsing, and I was following the news from your program, thank you my dear
 - Abdulrahman

These are some simple and honest phrases and the truth. Most of those who sent us spoke with great love, and this makes us ashamed of ourselves for committing such a mistake, even if it was not intended.

So we deeply apologize to you and ask you to forgive us

A small request

When the problem occurred, many users put bad reviews in the software store, and unfortunately many of them after solving the problem did not put a good rating, so the app's rating became low and this does not reflect the truth about Sync.

Just ask you to go to the software store and evaluate a sync, as you wish, and write how you feel about Sync, whether it is good or bad.

Click here to rate a sync

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