This article is not for the follower who goes unnoticed on the iPhone Islam, maybe once a week to watch Islam’s iPhone app selections on Friday or read news on the sidelines to know the latest news at once. This article is for fans of the iPhone Islam, which has become the article of the iPhone Islam a daily routine for him, who witnessed the prosperity of the world of mobile phones with us. This article is for the iPhone friends of Islam, who between us and them is affection, love, friendship and brotherhood in God. If you have these qualities, follow with us to answer the phrase that has been repeated a lot since the issuance of synchrony ...

"Synchronized Kill iPhone Islam"

Sync iPhone Islam

Sync application and iPhone Islam site

Many believe that a site or synchronized synchronizer is iPhone Islam, so at the beginning we must correct this concept ...

Sync app for viewing news, iPhone Islam, a site specializing in Apple news

So there should be no contradiction between the two, and a sync app cannot kill Islam because you can simply follow iPhone Islam from Location Or through RSS Or through Twitter Or site FacebookOr even via emulator apps like Pulse.

So iPhone Islam as a site is impossible to kill with a synchronizer, unless you have the belief that Zamen is the iPhone Islam application.

It is more correct to say, for example: Sync is a good application to follow the news, but I prefer to have an Islamic iPhone application that displays only articles on iPhone Islam. Here, the answer is OK. One of the advantages of Zamen is that it is possible to allocate one source, such as iPhone Islam, or several sources in a specific field.

How do I make Sync only display iPhone articles Islam?

Method 1:

Do not choose any sources ...

* Open the menu in the Sync app
* Click on Sources
Un-follow all sources
* On the main screen, press and hold the Islam iPhone icon and drag it to be the first icon

As you can see in the picture, the iPhone Islam icon is the first icon, the application will open only on iPhone articles, Islam, and if you want more news, you can click on the Sync icon next to the iPhone Islam icon, and you can customize these news to suit your taste by Open sources, then select specific tags to follow.

Is this what you want? Here is a sync app dedicated only to Islam's iPhone.

Method 2:

Open any iPhone article from Islam and click on the name iPhone Islam

Then press the button [Shortcut as app +]

When the browser opens, press the Share button

Then press the Add button to the main screen

Now there is an icon for iPhone - Islam

Clicking on it will only open Islam iPhone articles

You can do this for every source that you prefer to have an icon on your device's screen

Time to debate

We know that when some mentioned the phrases ...

"IPhone Islam was better before Sync."

"Sync is causing us confusion, iPhone Islam was better."

And other phrases, we know that you are right and sure there is something we can do to resolve this dispute, but only for information, iPhone Islam as it is, a site that writes about Apple news, and synchronizes a news application that we hope will come with all the sources that you love to follow to present it to you in an elegant and wonderful way.

Sync slogan from the beginning Why do you only follow the iPhone Islam while you can follow all the important resources for you with the same technology that the iPhone Islam uses to display articles, and so instead of distracting yourself and opening the Al Jazeera application, the application of the technology world and the Apple world application, why do not you follow all these sites In one place you read complete, fast and organized articles.

Now that you are a fan of us and a follower, and I read this article for its end, tell us, do you feel that the synchronized killing of the iPhone is Islam? What is the reason? Or you feel the opposite of this even if it is syncronized as an addition to the iPhone Islam.

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