We continue with you on a weekly basis to present our picks and offers for the best applications, according to the choices of the editors of iPhone Islam. So that it represents a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching between piles of more than 1,792,240 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Quran Pro :

Quran Pro

Quran Pro application is one of the best reliable applications which contains the recitations of more than 23 reciters and you can download any of these recitations, whether one surah or the whole Quran and then run it without the need for internet and also works in the background without running the application. It also contains a complete Qur’an and you can read the Qur’an in Arabic (with its English or French translation, or the interpretation of the meaning with Tafsir Al-Jalalain). A distinctive and indispensable application, especially in Ramadan, with a simple and comfortable design in addition to a variety of features that will spare you from any other application, try it now, it is completely free.

‎Quran Pro - The Holy Quran

2- Application Forza Football :

Forza Football

If you are a fan of football, this application must be present in your device, as it provides you with very many services, such as direct coverage of the match of your favorite team, and you will be notified of the goals and cards against the players, the distribution of players on the field and anything related to the match. You can also customize notifications as you want. The application supports the widget and the XNUMXD Touch feature to press notifications and learn more immediately, and there is a copy of the Apple Watch, integrated with the iMessage, and supports the Arabic language and all of this for free.

Forza Football - Live Scores

3- game Rival Gears Racing :

Rival Gears Racing

Car games have become popular in the software store, but most of them lack quality. This game is characterized by the fact that it comes with a different idea. Cars do not go on wheels, but rather float in the air and race at crazy speeds. The game comes with high-quality graphics and supports team play. You can develop your car as you like and provide live events for competition. The game is free

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

4- Application Widget Kit :

Widget Kit

نظام iOS The widget supports since its eighth release, but not in a broad way like Android. This application provides many tools for the widget. You can search within the application for any tool you want and put it in the widget, such as a tool for reading Twitter, a calculator tool, a calendar tool, a clock, and tools to bring some phone information such as the network and many others. It also provides The application also has some games for the widget. A very useful and practical application, in addition to it's free.

Widget Kit - Tools and Games for your Notification Center

5- Application Design Hunt :

Design Hunt

The biggest problem facing designers and illustrators in general is the lack of ideas, but this application works to solve this problem as it displays various and random images that may suggest new ideas for you, whatever the designs of logos, graphics, a specific arrangement system for your room, as you can also register in the application and publish your drawings and designs for the benefit of others .

Design Hunt

6- Application The Google Assistant :

The Google Assistant

Google launched at its developer conference its personal assistant for iPhone devices, after it was monopolized by some Android devices, the application is somewhat similar to the Siri service, as it does everything that the personal assistant does, such as making calls and sending messages, operating smart home devices and other things such as asking him to drive you home about Route maps, find out the date of your next trip, etc. Certainly, it is an essential application on your device and it is enough to test the intelligence of the personal Google Assistant, as it is very smart.

Google Assistant

7- game Neighbors from Hell :

Neighbors from Hell

This very famous game, which is called in the Arab world "the annoying neighbor" or "how to strangle your neighbor" always occupies the first place in the field of adventure and action games as it is the most famous game in the whole world, although it is old, its first version was created in 2003 and despite It was very late in reaching smartphones, but here it is now available, and we think that it does not need an explanation and most of us know this game and play it at some point.

‎Neighbors from Hell - Season 1

* Don't forget this featured app

‎Arabic TTS - Speak

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[302] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

I chose the apps for this week, a friend of the website: Abdul Halim Adel

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