We continue with you on a weekly basis to present our picks and offers for the best applications, according to the choices of the editors of iPhone Islam. So that it represents a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching between piles of more than 1,720,181 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Abjad :

The first social reading app in Arabic (that enables you to download and read books in addition to learning about other readers' recommendations and social interaction with their activities in terms of opinions, ratings and quotes). The Abjad application offers a new idea of ​​its kind that allows the user to read thousands of Arabic e-books and download books without limits from various publishing houses and read them at any time, even without the Internet. The application provides a unique electronic experience for the reader that enables them to evaluate books and organize their personal libraries. In addition to following international standards for e-books and the ability to interact with the book (text shading, marking, notes and signs).

This distinctive Arab application is our pride for that it was developed as the first application, and it must be supported and tested in order to encourage targeted Arab projects and help spread culture in the Arab world.

Abjad: books - novels - Arabic stories

2- Application Mailtime :


A new mail application that converts mail messages into a written conversation such as WhatsApp, Messenger and other chat applications. The application is useful because it makes the process of reading mail messages interesting and facilitates communication by e-mail and provides several easy-to-access options during the conversation, such as attaching a file or picture Animated emojis, addresses, etc. It also supports most of the emails, such as Hotmail, Gmail, iCloud and many more.

Email Messenger by MailTime

3- Application iLive :


IPhone devices with 7D touch technology, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 2.7s, support animated backgrounds with the lock screen, but these wallpapers cannot be obtained from the Internet, as it is rare. This application provides a wide library of moving backgrounds for the iPhone, pictures of landscapes, animals, cities, or wonderful graphics, all of which move from XNUMXD Touch, a terrible feature that not many of us take advantage of, the application is free and the size is only XNUMX MB.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

4- Application haystack :


An application to watch various TV programs for free and is classified as the best free application of its kind. You can watch newsletters, documentaries and other foreign programs, the application is almost a combination of YouTube and TV, because most of its content is brought from YouTube. I recommend trying the application as it provides wonderful and useful content from various programs.

Haystack Live & Local News

5- Application Microsoft Flow :

Microsoft Flow

An application that comes with the same idea as an application Workflow But it is dedicated to Microsoft services, for example, you can set a tool to alert you to the change of weather depending on where you want to go or alert you in the event that your manager sends you a mail message or uploads mail messages from a specific person to the OneDrive cloud automatically or sends you a mail message at your current location and many other tools That you can create to help you accomplish your daily tasks.

Power Automate

6- Application Speedometer :


One of the best free applications for measuring speed in the software store. The application measures the speed of the vehicle you are driving in units of miles or kilometers. It also provides an alert in the event of exceeding a specific speed and also calculates the distance you traveled during your driving. You can also calculate the acceleration of your car through the application by tracking the speed and time. A great tool and definitely useful for the driver of any car.


7- game spiraloid :


If you want to live a new and distinctive experience, this game offers you a three-dimensional world full of visual and sound effects. Jump in this circular world and enjoy the rhythms that coincide correctly from the game's musical background.


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‎App3ad | August-Ad

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