The iPhone has completed its tenth year and we are waiting for the iPhone 8, which is expected to be released in mid-September, and during this period the iPhone was able to make a strong impact on the world of technology and communication, not only that, but it was able to change the lives of many users, and without this The device and its success when we saw all this development in smart devices. We recall that the iPhone had obtained the title of the electronic product with the greatest influence on its user. Here, we highlight to you the reasons that made this device win this title without the rest of the products that humanity has witnessed.

IPhone device

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The impact of the iPhone on the world of mobile phones:

When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, its design was revolutionary. As it came radically different from the design line followed at that time, and the phone industry was witnessing only minor changes that were barely significant, and the devices in that time were similar to each other to a large extent, until the iPhone came, which was admired by analysts and critics, but it did not escape Mobile phone companies that have had a long history in this industry and have prevailed over this promising market are laughing at it. The emergence of the iPhone triggered a violent wave in the middle of the phone industry, influenced by the major companies and their small ones fell, so survival was the strongest and most able to compete, innovate and keep up with the new technology. In less than two years, the name "Apple" was an example of success, and the iPhone became the dream for the community of smartphone owners.

The iPhone was the real reason behind leaving smart phone manufacturers producing phones with a real keyboard and replacing it with a larger screen that provides a clearer view of the contents. Although these same companies were the first to attack the iPhone and said that it would not be able to withstand, and that no phone battery could operate a screen of this size that supports multi-touch technology by making a full electric field on the device screen to sense hand movements and multi-touch, so it was the touch technology that Apple presented it as the ambiguous thing, at that time the touch phones, or as it was called, worked by pressing the screen and not actually touching. The iPhone has proven successful in withstanding energy consumption despite its thinness that cannot be equipped with a larger battery, which is the difficult equation in which Apple succeeded through the genius of the iOS device's operating system and the ability of the device to manage energy intelligently.

The impact of the iPhone on the world of mobile phone systems:

Some people may think that Apple invented the idea of ​​the software store for mobile phones, but this is not true, as software stores existed before the emergence of the iPhone, but they were expelling markets for the community of programmers and developers, and those stores were just synonyms for the failure of these companies in the world to meet the needs of Consumer. From here, Apple came up with the idea of ​​the software store, which was an extension of the revolutionary Apple Store called iTunes.

The iTunes store for those who do not know was one of the biggest successes of Apple, which accompanied the iPod product, that device that achieved unrivaled success for Apple surpassing all audio players that were prevalent in that period, and is still achieving success to this day, and after Apple released iTunes as the largest library For audios in the world, Apple was able to achieve the difficult equation in setting the lowest possible price for purchase, to find a large discrepancy in the price difference between purchasing CDs and officially purchasing the same contents through the iTunes store. Apple released the iTunes Store and its program on Mac computers on January 2001, XNUMX, and quickly a version for Windows and a version for iPod players appeared. Then, many important additions made to it, such as podcast, video content, and many great features and capabilities, until it became the way we see it now.

We return again to the software market, as the process of obtaining a program before Apple entered that market took place through complex and long steps, and it was done by searching for a good software store on the Internet and then downloading the program on the computer, then connecting your device to the computer and following difficult steps to download The application on your device, all after identifying the device on the computer and installing the software package that comes with your phone to be able to synchronize with your computer. Payment was made with a PayPal account or an appropriate credit card, and removing the app from the phone was not possible on some devices. You also had to purchase the app again in case you lost it or removed it from your computer.

From here came the software store so that you can buy what you want within a few seconds and with the click of a button, and you can also view the program information and images, its size, price, and even users' opinions and evaluation of the application, all on one page only. You will not need to enter your data and credit card numbers every time you make a purchase, but you do need to enter the password for your account. Hence, many competing companies came up with the issuance of stores that mimic what Apple provided in the software store, but they were still devoid of content and valuable content, as these stores aimed at quantity and not quality by reaching a number of applications close to what the software store reached without placing any restrictions on The applications that are available on their stores, which made these stores full of trivial applications that do not provide even the minimum idea or content, and these companies were racing to provide packages to create applications without entering any software code, which attracted many hobbyists who are only looking for money without To present in return a product that is really worth selling.

The secret behind the success of the iPhone lies in its smart operating system, which contains the latest technologies in its heart, which hide behind the mask of the simplicity of its method of presenting content, in a way that enables the user, regardless of his age or background on the device and how to use it, to deal with it without facing any difficulties or ambiguity in the presentation Content. IOS was born from the womb of the Apple Mac OS X system, which is considered one of the smartest and most secure systems today. And with the emergence of the iOS system in the smartphone market, it inspired competitors to produce similar systems that provide what this system offers to its users, until this competition flared up with the release of Google, the Android system, which is the first open source operating system on smartphones, so that Google enables all companies that want to adopt its system In its devices from its development and addition to it, which sparked the right competition in the operating system market and made the iOS system face all these companies united behind one goal and one product, the product is the Android system and the goal is to develop it to face other systems in general and the iOS system in particular.

Integration of audio players into phones:

Everyone was looking for a smart phone and a real music player at the same time, and several companies had taken long steps in marketing their products as the desired goal, and they succeeded in convincing the consumer community of that, until the iPhone appeared to show that these devices and the advantages they offer are not worthy of It was called the professional music player, as these devices only contained dual stereo headphones and an application for playing audio tracks. But the iPhone and what he inherited from the iPod and with the presence of iTunes, which is the largest audio store at all, in addition to many features such as podcasts, buying or renting movies, arranging and evaluating songs, audiobooks, sharing music and the ability to synchronize it with other devices made this device the one that deserves the title, and it will not We overlook the purity and clarity of sound that has long been known for Apple iPods.

The first device to create the on-screen keyboard:

Before the iPhone, the idea of ​​the on-screen keyboard was not likable, and such devices were allied with failure, and those companies that went through that experience tended to produce phones with real keyboards that slide from behind the screen. But with the release of the iPhone and its success in providing everything the user likes, it provided him with a large screen that is close to the size of the entire device and contains a full-size keyboard that mimics the real keyboard, and allows the user to type on it quickly and smoothly exceeding the capabilities of those devices that contain a real keyboard , It also provides space that helps in making a phone smaller and thinner. Apple has added a lot to the mobile phone market by providing the keyboard with the correct shape. This made other devices imitate him, trying to reap some of the fruits of his success.

Enter the world of movement and interactivity to phones:

Apple’s introduction of the so-called Accelerometer motion sensors that we saw for the first time in the first device in the iPhone generation was considered by some to be unnecessary and a luxury plus and considered it an exaggeration by Apple in adopting the latest technology on its devices, which added a world of motion to devices iOS, and it enabled developers to build applications based on such technology in moving and sensing the movement of the device, and Apple did not stop there, as it provided its subsequent devices such as the iPhone 4, the fourth generation of the iPod Touch and the iPad 2 with another technology called Gyroscope, which senses the position of the device and its movement In space, thousands of applications that support these two features have been built in applications in general and games in particular to represent you a real atmosphere and a virtual world that simulates reality to live a new experience of playing.

The reason behind the fall of the world of pens used for input:

It is difficult to imagine that before the emergence of the iPhone, most smartphones were working through what looked like a small pen to be used for input and pressure on the screen that was marketed as touch screens, this pen-like tool was called Stylus and used to write on a board The keys on the screen or selection, it was believed by some to represent smart phones and advanced, but it was on the contrary it was difficult to use and lack sensitivity and often lost, and it is far from the practical character as it needed to be precise when pressing On the letter you want to enter, it is also a slow input tool and requires both hands, as it cannot be relied upon in your working world that is characterized by movement. Unfortunately, some companies still adhere to this solution to this day, while most other companies try to follow Apple's approach to reap some of its successes without any innovation or addition, but it is only a clone.

The saying “that the Japanese buy only Japanese-made phones” is proven wrong:

The Japanese market is the fourth largest market for mobile phones in the world. Japanese people are fond of technology. It has been proven that success in this market is limited to Japanese hardware manufacturers designed for that market and equipped with future technologies that are not found in devices issued by these same companies to the global market. Nokia has spent a fortune trying to succeed in that difficult market and its dream was to obtain 2% of that market, which is something that it discovered impossible to achieve in that market, so when it was not able to achieve that it withdrew itself from it, and in 2009, that is, after a year and a half On the failure of Nokia in that market, the iPhone was able to dominate more than 72% of that market, which proved that the rule that was known about that market was correct with other products, but it was not proven true with the revolutionary Apple product.

The latest revolution in the mobile gaming market:

Before the iPhone and the software store that was associated with the name of this device, the games market was monopolized by Sony and Nintendo, which had dominance in the games market, and with the issuance of the iPhone, this ceiling was raised to limits that no one imagined, and companies have appeared to produce games on that platform that was not It existed before that. The iPhone has become the most widespread mobile gaming device in the world, surpassing the Sony Playstation PSP, and thus the iPhone has proven that games are not exclusive to the famous home gaming platforms.

When Nokia in 2003 produced the first gaming device and phone at the same time called N-Gage, experts expected that the world of games is coming strongly to phones, but they were wrong, as the device was large in size, heavy in weight, high in price, and had a small screen that was not suitable for gaming, in addition to Weak handler, and users have turned away from it.

The iPhone introduces the world to the revolutionary touch technology:

Computer scientists and researchers of user interfaces in operating systems work hard in the research and development of their technologies, which took them decades and will continue to work on other decades to come, and perhaps the most important of these technologies is the technology of multi-touch screens, and the credit for multi-touch technology is due to Apple as it is the owner This technology and patented by Apple, the genius touch technologies that Apple possesses were among the most prominent reasons that led to the success of this device and the acceptance it met among users.

With this we can say that the iPhone device is the most influential device on the segments of smart phone customers in a way that no one else has been able to achieve, it is the phone that changed the concept of phones and the way they work, as it was the main reason for changing the customers' idea of ​​the concept of the smartphone that makes its user see The scientist, in another perspective, opens the horizons of his thoughts and provides him with what he wants, which was unreasonable to happen during this short period. And it is only months that separate us from the new generation of this genius phone, which will contain the iOS 11 system, how eager we are to see that next device, without a doubt Apple will change the standards of the market again.

I remember when I saw the iPhone for the first time, my impression was that it was a very luxurious, luxurious device that came from the future with technology that preceded the devices of that time by a decade, and I said to myself this is the first time I grabbed a phone.

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