In a study by a Californian named Chris Mattis Zick

When Apple unveiled its iPhone X smartphone, which it called the "phone of the future," immediately all aspects of the phone were studied and examined by experts and technologists. But what about the common people?

What does the general public think?

Chris saysI was thinking about what Apple CEO Tim Cook said that "the iPhone is not only for the rich" and this is on the eve of the launch of the thousand dollar phone. Since that day, I have toured and interviewed ordinary people, asking them what they think about the new phone launched by Apple. And I specifically chose those simple people who did not belong to the rich class.

At my Starbucks in Marin City, California. I asked the waitress, Corchina

I said : “What do you think of the new phone? “

She said : “And is there a new one? “It was her first reaction.

I answered : “Yes.” It's a thousand dollars.

She said : “No, I won't buy it. I hardly use the phone I have. ”

I said : “What kind of phone do you have? '

She said IPhone 7.

Then her boss Melissa saw the situation and found that she did not know anything about the new phone.

Where I asked and she said : " what is the subject ? “

Then she said : “If I don’t have a mobile phone for work, I will not need it at all, and I’m happy with the phone I have.”

I said : "What kind of phone do you have?"

She said : " iPhone 4"

As you can see, it seems that people are walking along the same pace and don't care what Apple says, and they don't gasp over these events. They already have other life matters worth thinking about other than this.

I headed south

I went straight from Starbucks to the airport, I had to be in Southern California.

Whenever I ask about the iPhone X, I find that it does not capture people's attention.

And this is a server at a restaurant in Santa Ana:

I said : "Is there a new phone?"

He said : "Yes, it is for a thousand dollars."

Then he also said Is this really the price?

I said : "Not quite what phone do you have?"

He said IPhone 6

I said "Did you pay $ 1000 for it?"

He said "No, I got it for two hundred dollars."

I said " from where? “

He said : "from a friend. “

I said : "What about the iPhone X?"

He said “IPhone 6 is good with me. “

People were not interested in the new iPhone

Then I toured Brea, California, where I met two people who work in the electronics field.

Naturally, they knew about the iPhone X. One of them told me he had two iPhones.

He said I have an iPhone 6 for work and 7 that I can make at home.

I said : “Why do you have two? “.

He said : "Well, because I always drop it on the ground, and the battery life of the iPhone 6 is not that great, and I use the iPhone 7 at home a lot because its battery lasts longer."

I said : "What about the iPhone X?"

He said : “It's okay, but not for a thousand dollars, maybe buy an iPhone 8

Even those with knowledge of iPhone X don't seem to be enthusiastic about it.

At a restaurant in Yorba Linda, California, I just asked employees what they thought of the new phone?

Many of them showed a lack of interest, but those who owned Samsung phones complained and resented it.

Someone who owns a Samsung phone said : "I don't like iPhones."

I said : " Why ?"

He said : "It doesn't work for me."

I said : Is this phone compatible with you?

He said : " Yeah "

I said : What do you think of the new iPhone X?

He said “Nothing exciting.”

And if people have heard anything about the Apple event, they have heard of Face ID display failure

Said waiter from the restaurant : “It looks like the Apple guy looked at the phone and it didn't turn on.”

A mother of three said she knew about the iPhone X and the Face ID technology

She also said : “She will not feel safe with this technology, and that is a way to spy on us and those around us.”

Then she said : She owns an iPhone 6 and she's happy about that. She said her three children each have an iPhone 6s.

Then I asked another person who works in the restaurant, will you buy an iPhone X?

He said : " No. I'm happy with my iPhone 6

In fact, most of those I met had an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus and they all expressed that their phone suits their needs, that they do not need a new phone, and that the iPhone X is not much different.

Perhaps this reflects the fact that, from these people’s point of view, phones are only utility accessories.

Of course, when the iPhone X is in the hands of the people and appears in the public eye, we will see those who are not rich, those desperate to buy this phone, even in installments or to borrow for that.

A lot of research indicates that many people have no idea the hype or are indifferent to what is happening.

Opinion iPhone Islam

If you compare this study to our situation in Arab societies, you will find that every Yemeni himself buys the new phone and may have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8, but we advise everyone to balance things. Is he really in dire need of these expensive phones, or is he He suffices with a good phone.

There are many people who can buy any new product because of its new features or are used to acquiring everything new. This is okay, but we warn against extravagance and extravagance, which our true religion forbids us.

What kind of iPhone you will buy this year? And if you actually bought, how was your experience with the new iPhone? Do you have any intention to buy an iPhone X? Tell us in the comments ...



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