Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, and we are also celebrating the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the site iPhone Islam. That is why we called it today iPhone Islam X :) On this occasion, above all, we would like to thank God very much. Ten years have passed and we are with our followers and they are the ones we love the most, especially you (my friend). Ten years in which God is pleased for us to offer benefit Even a few in the world of technology and we offer useful Islamic applications and help with information that made the life of our brothers easier and they became more understanding of modern technology and benefited from it. Were it not for the grace of God, the health and the knowledge that God has bestowed upon us, we would not have written these lines and would not have been happy for us to continue with you throughout these years, so God be praise and gratitude to you, O God, grant us your grace and your bounty, so we are indispensable to us please, Karim.

IPhone Islam, by the grace of God, is the oldest Arab site specialized in the iPhone. Your site, the iPhone Islam, followed the world of the iPhone, starting with the 1.0 iPhone operating system.

Historical video Dialogue of the founder of the iPhone site Islam Tariq with the Hayat Tech program in the beginnings of the spread of the iPhone in the Arab world

We Arabized the iPhone together, which facilitated its spread since the first months in the Arab world, and there was no iPhone device that carries the Arabization of the iPhone Islam.

Before the software store, and since the early days of the jailbreak store (Installer), we were among the first to introduce useful Arabic applications to you, and the first to develop the application of prayer times, remembrance and the Arabic dictionary, this is before the software store.

After the Apple Software Store was officially released, we had, thanks to God, a great contribution to developing a model and ideal for developing applications professionally in line with what was presented by the West, and because of this model, the software store rose and there were good Arab applications, and all applications whose development and design were not good were abandoned. Islam's iPhone applications were among the highest downloads in the Apple software store.

During these years, iPhone Islam won a large number of prizes, and we were even prevented from participating in some of them under the pretext that "it is unfair to other contestants that we are in the competition."

IPhone Islam also made many contributions to social work, and although we did not talk about most of them, everyone mentioned our sponsorship of one of the most important Islamic conferences in the UAE, the Ramadan Forum.

We have witnessed with you many crises that we have experienced, whether at the level of work, the Arab and international political level, or even in the field of technology, and we have always been the site close to the hearts of followers and interact with you, a site that does not list news and information only, but rather is part of this Arab community, and our highest aspiration To present a purposeful message, and to have a conscious and educated generation of Arab youth.

Amr Abdel-Rahman, Managing Director of MIMV
(We ask God to bring us together in Heaven)

And here we are today, we are still with you after ten years, can you believe this, my friend? Ten years ago, specifically on Monday the fifth of November 2007, it was the beginning, and after this long life, after the iPhone was the first smartphone, there were hundreds of phones, after the applications were a rare commodity that became presented to us day and night and after we stumbled into understanding this device Everyone became an expert. Everything changed, even the iPhone Islam site no longer had its own application and became synchronized.

Where the achievements and creativity of iPhone Islam today?

Perhaps after we quickly listed the achievements of ten years together, you will be surprised if you are one of our new followers, and perhaps you did not know before the impact of the iPhone Islam site on the world of technology in the Arab world, and if you are an old follower of us, you will recall with us memories and ask this question Where the achievements and creativity of iPhone Islam today?

Let me tell you only one thing, you saw the accomplishments, you did not see the difficulties, you saw the results and you did not see the effort, you saw the iPhone Islam team and you did not see the ones we lost. Yes, the achievements are less, and yes, the effort is less, but the impact continues and the goal has been achieved. We are with you today and this is an achievement in itself. Ten years we write an article or more for you every day, this is an achievement, a synchronized application is an achievement, and many do not know the value of this application, so let me tell you about it.

Why sync?

Have you browsed any news apps before? Pulse, headlines, for example Facebook or even an Apple News app? Have you seen the disaster, news of dancers and dancers, trivial news and things that scratch the shyness of the old before the young in most of their content, we do not fault these applications, as they are like a web browser you choose the sources and these sources exude what they contain, but we are disgraceful to the situation of the chaff with the chubby We are shameful for not having a news app A respectable one brings you the news while keeping it as good as possible and from the same sources that dominate the internet.

Sync is a respectable app

Yes, this is the slogan that we do not mention, we say to you a synchronizer that collects news for you, synchronizes the fastest news browser, synchronizes the display of full articles, but we did not mention before that synchronize the only respectable news application, because we as Arab peoples should be our default choice, and no We must say on an app that it is respected because this is the original, but with the absence of this original, it has become our duty to create such an application and be busy with it.

Sync behind the scenes

Behind the scenes in Zamen many things happen that drain time, effort and money. It is not easy to distinguish good news from bad news, and it is not easy to organize this news and maintain the quality of its presentation and coordination, and it is not easy to make all this huge system work in harmony, and even now We have not reached the ideal, but we have reached a sufficient level to place sites known for yellow news and when you browse them in synchronization you will only find good news from this source. What is happening behind the scenes is a huge work that very few can appreciate, and we do not ask for appreciation, but rather do our duty that we did over these ten years, but in a different way.

Every time you see inappropriate content, help Zamen understand the good from the bad content and click the Report button at the end of the article.

What did Zamen achieve?

In one month, this is an average every month and it is constantly increasing ... 40 articles are browsed, can you believe this number? In just one month, Sync users browse more than forty million articles and read more than three million articles completely.


IPhone Islam still has the largest percentage of reading articles, without a doubt, but more than 65% of iPhone Islam followers read articles from other sources, and this is wonderful and we are happy with this feeling that we are contributing to the culture of the user.

If you click on the feeling icons around the article, this helps Sync understand which articles are liked or make readers happy and which are bad or sad news.

Evolution is essential

During these ten years, the world changed dramatically, especially in the field of technology, and it is no longer like the previous one, just one distinct device and one operating system, but the technologies and the spread of devices and operating systems and competition is most intense, so that some of us became bored with the apple and started looking for other options, so we launched Sync on Android.


This version of Sync on Android was written from scratch and an unnatural effort was made until it came out like this, and if you are an owner of Android devices, you will be surprised by the accuracy, speed and stability of synchronized work on Android, while using the latest features of the Android system, and certainly its benefit from the synchronized system in the speed Download news, list complete articles.


This is our duty and we will continue with you, God willing

Perhaps what we are doing now is less in your view than we did before, but our continuity with you is the most important thing at the present time for us, the continuation of the iPhone Islam site alongside its fans who love it is the goal and the exchange of experiences and information between us is the goal, so we only wish your prayers for us well, And if we go as others do, just remind us of the good. May Allah reward you well on our behalf.

How long have you been following the iPhone Islam site? Tell us about how you feel after these ten years have passed? Do you still have love and desire to follow Islam's iPhone?

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