Sometimes news of medium importance appears that does not deserve to be devoted to an entire article, so we present a weekly compiled article to make the reader aware of various news and make sure that when he follows us, he will not miss anything.

News on the sidelines: Week 5-12 October

Sync the new now available on the Google Play Store

Thanks to God, last week we launched a completely new version of the Sync app on Android devices. The new version was built from scratch and we sought to provide the full advantages of the iOS version with the same design and ease of use, which was a big challenge to present in the Google system. Now fully synchronized with you, anywhere, on any device.

Get the new version from this link

And do not forget about the news of your friends who have Android devices, about the Sync app. Help us spread Sync, which is one of the few apps that offers respectable news.

Some say now the sync version on Android is better than the sync version on Apple devices! Do you agree with them?

The identical twin is really fooling the iPhone X

At the iPhone conference, Apple said that the face ID / fingerprint is very accurate, as every million people can deceive it and then explained that most likely this person will be your identical twin. So a team from "Mashble" conducted a challenge between the iPhone X and the identical twin, and indeed the expectation happened, and any of the twins managed to enter his brother's device. So remember, if you have an identical twin, I recommend that you use the password, not the faceprint.

Note: The twins must be completely identical. There are other experiments in which the facial fingerprint system succeeded in distinguishing between twins.

Apple sends the iPhone X to the testers

Apple, as usual, sent the iPhone X before its release to many international sites for reviews before its release in the market and demanded that it be published within 24 hours only. Watch some of the most popular reviews.

The Verge team review

WIRED Review

TechCrunch Review

CNET Review

IPhone X runs out in 30 minutes

The reservation of the iPhone X began internationally last Friday, and indeed at the required date, a major attack took place on it, and the quantities offered and unknown numbers were carried out in a few minutes and reached 30 minutes in the American store. Now, the Apple website indicates that it will take 5-6 weeks to connect the phone, which is the maximum that the site shows, and this means Apple is already out of stock.

IPhone X will have $ 30 billion in sales on vacation

A new report revealed that the iPhone X is very popular in opinion polls, making it expected to control $ 30 billion in gift sales in the holiday season in America. As for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it is expected to achieve sales of only $ 22.6 billion in the same season, which means a total of $ 52.6 billion total for the iPhone only.

Apple fires an employee who allowed his daughter to use X.

During the past week, a video of a girl browsing the iPhone X before its release has gone viral. The video spread strongly and it was learned that this girl and her father is one of the engineers at Apple responsible for developing the iPhone. Immediately, Apple requested that the video be removed, and Google responded immediately. Then the girl posted a video that she said her father had been fired from Apple.

Hackers hack the iPhone 7 in a competition in Japan

In the famous Mobile Pwn2Own developer fair in Japan, hackers attempted to penetrate the iPhone 7, Samsung S8, Google Pixel and Huawei Mate 9 Pro in order to win prizes amounting to more than 500 thousand dollars. Indeed, the aforementioned devices have been hacked ... For Apple, the iPhone 7 was running the latest iOS 11.1 with Apple, but hackers were already able to penetrate it through a gap in Wi-Fi and won a prize of $ 110. Another hacker managed to find a vulnerability in Safari, hacked the device, and won a prize of $ 45.

Fake Apple Store fools users

Apple is known for its glass stores, so a team of landfill programs transformed a New York "elevator" glass building into a fake Apple store. They just added the Apple logo and then some individuals dressed up as Apple and claimed that this is a special store selling the iPhone X and indeed a queue appeared to buy. Watch the video:

Apple publishes details on the battery life of the new watch

 The clock system got an update a few days ago to version 4.1 to support "Apple Music" playback. After the launch, Apple released a list of the battery life, as follows:

◉ Play background music, it is 10 hours if it is played from the music stored in the watch. And 7 hours in the case of LTE broadcasts per hour, and 5 hours in the case of radio broadcasting live.

◉ In the case of training: Apple Watch endures 10 hours of training, 5 hours of GPS use, or 4 hours of operation of the XNUMXG network with GPS.

◉ In case of maximum use, which is training with the use of GPS positioning and broadcast music over LTE networks, the watch lasts up to 3 hours.

Amazon supports the virtual reality system in its application

Amazon has updated its official iOS app to support Apple's virtual reality ecosystem. The application now enables you to see thousands of products and browse them with their real design in your home, for example, you want to buy a chair or an electrical appliance. Watch the video for more details.

Apple allows you to change your account email to an Apple email

Many of us use our "non-Apple" e-mail as an e-mail for our Apple account, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Live, Gmail, Outlook, and others. Apple always allows this matter and allows you to change the e-mail whenever you want, but to any other similar e-mail, but last week it announced that you can change your account e-mail to an Apple e-mail like Me-iCloud-Mac, but it made it clear that if you change your e-mail to another from Apple, it will not In the future, you can change it again.

The Best Buy store adds and then removes the $ 1100 iPhone X version

When Apple says that the price of the iPhone is $ 999, this means the open version that is not linked to any network, contract, or installment. But due to the pressure on the new phone X, it quickly ran out, so the famous BestBuy store decided to exploit the matter and provide an open version without a network contract for an additional $ 100, which starts from $ 1099.99, which made it facing a violent attack from customers because it wanted to exploit the sales, which prompted him to cancel the sale of these The version is currently.

It is reported that the non-activated version is distinguished by that it works on any network and is easy to sell for large sums at the beginning because it is not activated, and this is what prompted Best Buy to exploit those who want to trade in the phone and profit from it.

Apple Wireless Charger will sell for $ 199

At the iPhone conference, Apple unveiled a new, unique type of wireless charger that allows more than one device to be charged at the same time and said that it will be available in the market next year. Last week, a report revealed that Apple plans to sell this charger for $ 199, which is the highest price for a wireless charger in the world, but perhaps more than double or 3 times the popular wireless chargers and 5 times the regular wireless chargers.

Apple denies that it planned to integrate the fingerprint into the screen in the X

Apple Vice President Dan Rico denied the rumors that continued for months that the company wanted to integrate the fingerprint into the screen, but when it failed in this matter, it canceled it completely. Dan said that the iPhone X was planned from the beginning to rely only on FaceID, and that the traditional fingerprint was not planned to exist in the first place in the iPhone X.

WhatsApp allows you to delete the message after sending it (7 minutes)

Finally, after a long wait for a feature provided by its competitors, the WhatsApp application added the ability to delete any message that you sent via WhatsApp, provided that the deletion takes place within a maximum period of 7 minutes after sending the message, and the message will be replaced with the phrase “this message has been deleted”. Rudimentary support for the feature however, however.

Miscellaneous news:

◉ Apple released XCode 9.1 with improved iPhone X support and application development.

Apple released iTunes update number 12.7.1 without major improvements.

◉ Apple has supported the SiriKit system in its upcoming HomePod with the iOS 11.2 beta update.

◉ Apple has started selling refurbished 12-inch MacBooks with prices starting at $ 799

These are not all the things that are on the sidelines, but we have come to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you. And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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