8 years ago, Apple announced the feature to find the iPhone, but it was limited and later at the end of the same year 2010 it provided it free of charge to all users with the release of iOS 4.2. Currently, the feature has become one of the basic things that all companies have transferred in their devices - and then they say that only Apple is the one who transmits the benefits - the feature enables you to track your Apple devices whether it is lost or stolen provided that the other phone is connected to the Internet. Of course, the majority of Apple users know everything about it, but in this article we target the new user who may see the icon and do not know how to benefit from it. We also tell you how to delete Apple Pay data from your lost device.

How to use the iPhone find feature for your devices?

Before anything, activate Find iPhone on all your Apple devices, so you can track it even through the browser on your computer or even through the Find iPhone app from any other iPhone.

If you have family sharing enabled and everyone shares their locations, you can track it from one place

Turn on the feature to find an iPhone or an iPad

Go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud, and from the bottom of the menu press Find iPhone, then activate it.

How to use Find iPhone on your browser?

You can use the Find iPhone feature by going to the site iCloud.com And do the following:

◉ Go to the site iCloud.com Through your computer browser, then log in to your account.

◉ Go to Find iPhone

◉ Click on All devices or all devices and then choose the device you want to track.

You can zoom in and out the map for close tracking, or you can choose a model from the menu at the top right, and this is an explanation of the function of each:


Play sound or play sound even if your device is on silent or vibrator. You can choose this option if your device is lost at home or near you.


Lost mode. If you use this option, you will be asked to enter a phone number that will be displayed on the screen of your lost device, so that anyone can call you if they find the phone. An audible tone will also be played, so that attention is drawn to your lost phone.


Erase If you lose hope of getting your device again, and you are worried about the data and files on it, you can delete everything remotely.

How to use the Find iPhone feature on your iPhone or iPad?

Through your iPhone, you can track any device linked to your account on the iPhone by following the steps below.

◉ Open the Find iPhone app on any of your other devices.

◉ Tap on the name of the device you want to track.

◉ Click on Actions at the bottom. You have the same three options as the previous one.

How to remotely delete all of your credit accounts from Apple Pay

If you are using Apple Pay on your stolen or lost device, it is also preferable that you allow everything on it remotely through a web browser from anywhere. And that by taking the following steps:

◉ From any browser, go to a site icloud.com Then log in to your account.

◉ Tap on Settings.

◉ Under the My Devices section, click on the device you want to delete Apple Pay from. “You should see the Apple Pay logo next to any device on which the service is set up.

◉ Click Remove All

Thus, you cancel Apple Pay from your lost device. We know it is No one can enter with his own fingerprint To run this service but the matter is not without its potential risk. Therefore, we recommend that you investigate safety and remove everything from the phone in case it is lost or stolen.

Have you used the iPhone finder feature to track a device before? And did you know how to delete Apple Pay data from it? Let us know in the comments

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