Personally, I am very interested in maintaining my fitness, as I had an experience with the beginnings of working at the iPhone Islam site and sitting for long hours in front of the computer, and consequently the lack of movement, and with this little movement, I used to eat crackers, drink soda water and energy drinks, this is not the fatty late-night meals, and the result was an increase. More than 30 kilos, and as a result of this weight gain, health problems, the most important of which are sleep apnea, lack of fitness, and the inability to move freely and of course buy new clothes :)

 One day I decided to change my life, because I believed that a successful person should be successful in everything and also why would I lose my health? There is no equivalent to losing health. I am supposed to lose these bad habits that I acquired and develop a diet and sports plan in order to change my life, and thank God, here I am back to my previous era and have an athletic body.

Transform MI

Transform Me app

When I tried the Transform Me application, I remembered this story, because at that time there were no Arab applications of this quality and ease. The Transform Me application is based on scientific foundations to design an integrated diet and sports plan dedicated to the goals of each person separately and simulates the nature of the body and takes into account the capabilities of each participant, so that No two different people can have the same plan and program, whether the user's goal is to lose, lose weight, gain weight, build a bodybuilder's body, or enjoy a sporty body, and whatever the user's fitness and exercise experience.

The service builds a digital file for each user, analyzes his readings and goals, and designs the nutrition and exercise plans as a first stage. The service does not stop there, but it tracks the development and response of the user's body actively by analyzing the body's variables, training history, and food consumption to suit the development of the user's body and his ability to perform exercises and thus adjust training plans and food on a weekly basis.

Set your goals

What I liked best about the Transform Me app is setting goals. With the beginning of the application, it asks you several questions, and based on your answer it designs an integrated diet and sports plan dedicated to you only.


Follow the plan

This is where your turn comes in. Everything in the plan is for you, the days and strength of exercise and your own diet, all you have to do is stick to this plan.

Whoever tells you not to eat until you lose weight is wrong, correct eating in small quantities is scientifically proven to have an effect on increasing fat burning, thus reducing weight.

Certainly, exercising regularly is an important factor in starting a healthy life journey.

The Transform Me application is free with a trial version, and if you want to get the entire plan, you have to subscribe for a very small price, but it is worth if you have the insistence to change your life.

TransformMe Workout & Diet

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