Most iPhone owners use the Watch app on their device to use it only to know the time and alarm, but most of us rely solely on the alarm in the Watch app on the iPhone. Whatever more sophisticated applications we use, we finally go back to the iPhone's alarm. The fact that many overlooked is that the watch application has much more than just an alarm tool, so know it.

If you don't need noisy alarms to wake you up, using iPhone Wake Up and Sounds is more than enough for you. Setting the alarm on an iPhone is very simple and we all know it. Once you open the clock app, tap on the alarm icon at the bottom and then tap on the + sign at the top of the screen to add your alarm. To modify the alarm, just click Edit in the upper corner of the alarm screen, then modify the alarm you want. The default setting for the alarm is only one time and you should set it every time. You can use the option to repeat the alarm and set it on certain days so that the alarm will be repeated automatically on those days.

The label option or the title through which you can distinguish the alarms from some of them, such as calling one alarm at the time of waking up, the other the work alarm, the third the shopping alarm, and the fourth remembrance alarm, for example. Then don't forget the alarm sound or the sound that you want to wake up to. The last option is Snooze or Snooze, which you can disable or enable as you like. To remove the alarm, all you have to do is press Edit, scroll to it and click Delete.

Bedtime or bedtime

Apple launched this new alert feature in sync with the launch of iOS 10. It is completely different from the traditional alarm system. Apple has made it a helper for you to improve sleep habits by reminding you of sleep time, calculating sleep hours and monitoring it through the Apple Watch in the health app in the sleep analysis section.

All you have to do is click on the Bedtime tab and start and then set the time to wake up, and you can also set a sleep alarm to remind you of the bedtime, then set the wake-up sound. You will find some tips while using the app to help you improve your sleep habits.

At the bottom of the "Bedtime" feature is the sleep analysis feature. This allows you to track how much sleep and whether it is enough or not, and it only monitors the number of hours of sleep since you set the alarm, meaning you are in bed, not real sleep, so I know whether you are asleep or not!

Using this feature for a long time and adhering to its instructions, a precise schedule of bedtime, number of hours, and time to wake up, and establishing a regular daily routine, there is no doubt that this helps to better health.

Other useful features of the clock app

The clock app is not just limited to alarms and bedtime. It has another notable feature, which keeps you away from any similar apps on the App Store.

Time with everything with a stopwatch or stopwatch

With a stopwatch you can set the estimated time or time spent doing something. You can change the watch between analog and numerical by swiping left or right on the watch face.

The operation is simple, you can start or stop whenever you want or even reset the time and start over. At the bottom of the watch, the time elapsed is shown, so the fastest is in green, and the slowest in red.

You can also use the countdown stopwatch to see how much time you will spend on a specific job. Just set the time you want to spend then choose the alarm sound and press start, and you can pause and continue.

There is also another section in the Clock application called "World Clock" to know the time in different countries of the world. Adding a watch from any country is easy, just click on the + sign at the top and then scroll to any site or search for and add a country. You can delete it by pressing Edit & Delete.

The application of the watch on the iPhone meets the necessary needs of time if you tend to simplicity, otherwise the app store is full of different alert applications you can choose what suits your taste.

Do you use everything in the clock app or are you just limited to the clock and alarm? Let us know in the comments.

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