Talking about the iPhone and its features and the features of its operating system are endless. It is very easy to use the iPhone as soon as you take it out of the box, but the most important thing is to familiarize yourself with every little and every major in how to control it so that the benefit of these devices increases, and so that you do not feel bored of using it. If you are a recent user of Apple devices, here are some important tips for using iPhone.

For beginners: Helpful iPhone tricks and tips

Navigate the Maps application

If you want to be sure of directions in maps, double-click on the map to zoom in, and you can continue to double-click to reach maximum zoom. You can also double tap and hold the second time to zoom in and out the map by moving your finger up and down the screen.

Navigate e-mail

You can quickly switch between mailboxes by typing words like "reported," "unread," "sent," or "unwanted" in the "search" field. Related mailboxes will appear as an option below the search bar. That is, you can search by folder name, not just messages.

VIP use

Open Mail - Mailboxes, click Edit and then click VIP. You will see your VIP inbox. Find the circular button, click on it. Click on Add VIP and then add your VIP. The advantage of this menu is that it enables you to assign a specific tone to recognize that the messages are coming from the VIP side, or choose to appear in a different notice or even cancel the sound and notification for all messages except for the VIP.

Handling calls

If someone calls you and you don't want to answer them because you are busy. While calling, click "Message" on the incoming call screen, then you can choose a text message to inform the caller that you cannot answer now.

Use the loudspeaker during the call

Your hands are busy and you can't hold the phone to call? It's very easy. Activate the "Hey Siri" feature, then say, "Hey Siri, call so-and-so through the speaker" in an audible and clear voice. And direct contact will be made without having to hold the phone.

Cycle through apps

We all know how to navigate between applications by calling the application switcher by double-clicking the home button. There is another way that may be hidden for some people. If you have Force Touch feature on iPhone 6s and later. Just tap the edge of the left screen firmly, a little bit, and you will have the App Switcher appear. IPhone X owners swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and pause in the middle to access the app switcher.

Put another sentence point

You can put another sentence point by pressing the ruler on the keyboard twice.


The 3D Touch feature can be used to press the keyboard, you will see that you now control the writing cursor easily and quickly, just move it left and right as you want.

There is another job; You can press hard on a word to select it, or twice on the sentence to select it, or press forcefully on a paragraph three times to select it. On an iPad, you only need to touch and hold two fingers.

Certainly, this is not all the advice about using the iPhone in a way that we can take full advantage of. There are still many, many more, so follow us to find out more.

Did you know all those tips? And if you know one that many Apple users forget, do not skimp on it, and tell us in the comments.

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