What to do if your phone's main screen button crashes? It is important to exit applications and return to the home screen? And it is important in restarting the phone, and more important in recovery mode. Also, what do you do if the Home button is slow and boring, or if the Home button is not responding completely? You have all the buttons disabled and wanted to restart the phone indirectly without buttons. How to solve all these problems and learn about those tricks and more in this article. Follow us.

Put a virtual Home button on the iPhone and iPad

If you have upgraded to iPhone X and you are familiar with the home button on previous phones, or something malfunctioned in the main home button on your iPhone, you can create a virtual Home button at the bottom of the screen using one of the most important accessibility features, the great tool AssistiveTouch. Here's how ...

Although AssistiveTouch contains a wide range of features and accessibility, we'll focus only on how to create the Home button or the Home touch button on the iPhone and iPad screen:

Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> AssistiveTouch.

◉ Activate AssistiveTouch and select Single-Tap

◉ From Single-Tap Options, choose Home to create a Home button.

Drag the button to the bottom of the screen or place it at the position of your choice. Thus, you have created a default main screen button through which you can do what you do with the real button, such as exit from any application, call the application switcher, or make a forced restart by pressing it and the power button for several seconds until the device turns off and works again and appears the Apple.

This default button works on both the iPhone and the iPad, and it is very useful for those who do not have this button, such as iPhone X users, especially the upcoming iPhone devices that will be without a home button. The main purpose of using this tool is to help find an alternative for users who have trouble with their phones.

To disable this tool, do the same as before, and turn off AssistiveTouch.

Home button not responding

Sometimes the iPhone's home button does not respond until after pressing it multiple times, or it is delayed in response, so that problem can be solved through the system itself. These symptoms may be caused by damage from moisture or a fall.

As for the delay in response, you can fix it through the system as follows:

◉ Open an application from the default system applications, say the weather application.

◉ With the application open, press the iPhone power button until the “Slide to turn off” box appears, then release your hand. You will see the iPhone lock screen above the Weather app.

◉ Now press and hold the Home button until the iPhone lock screen disappears and exit the application. Thus, you find speed in the response of the button by simply pressing it.

We don't know the secret behind it, but this method might reset the Home button settings to their original state.

In the event of damages and accidents, and the failure of any of the buttons as a result, it is preferable to go to the warranty or to technicians who specialize in repairing Apple phones.

How to restart iPhone and iPad without using any of the buttons

We all know the method of forced restart of the iPhone, which is by long pressing the Power button and the Home button until the device turns off and works again. We mentioned in the previous point that you can restart through the virtual button and the power button together. But a restart without any buttons !! It is almost a difficult process on the face of it. But the method is easy and simple with some indirect iOS tricks.

Here are two quick ways without the need for buttons at all.These methods depend on switching program settings that require after each adjustment to restart the phone without any buttons, through an alert message informing you of the restart.

Restart the phone with "Bold Text"

◉ Go to Settings - General - Accessibility - enable "Bold Text".

◉ An alert window will appear saying “This setting will restart your iPhone” Click on Continue to restart the phone. You won't lose any other settings or customizations, just just a change of font.

Restart by reset

Another indirect way to restart the phone without any buttons is by resetting network settings.

◉ Go to Settings, then General, scroll down, then Reset or Reset, and from there you can choose to reset the network and enter the password, then the iPhone will restart.

Have you encountered problems like the ones we mentioned? How did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments.



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