Last Thursday dawn, Apple sent updates to its operating systems, on top of them iOS 12.1.1. Among the updates was watchOS 5.1.2, which came with a feature that was expected to the millions, which is an ECG application to activate the electrical pulse measurement of the heart in the fourth generation of the watch. Unfortunately, there was bad news for watch lovers and collectors around the world, and it was related to "electrical pulse measurement" (ECG).

Pay attention before purchasing the fourth generation Apple Watch

Of course, the new generation Apple Watch includes many features, but the ability to measure electrical pulse (ECG) is the main feature. After Apple unveiled the watch, it said that this feature will only work in “America” because it has obtained the accreditation of the medical authorities there (because the rumor in this case is a medical device) and promised to seek to provide it in more countries.

But unfortunately, for an unknown reason, Apple has officially decided to prevent anyone who owns an Apple Watch around the world from activating the feature that is already in his watch gear and making this matter exclusive to the American user who bought a watch from the American store.

To clarify what happened, all the fourth generation clocks come with hardware that supports the feature, and accordingly anyone who makes the "America" ​​region settings the feature works for him; But Apple decided more cruelty as it made the activation of the feature linked to the "model" version of the watch, and for those who do not know, Apple offers two versions of the "model number" of the same watch, there is a version dedicated to North America and another for Europe, Asia and China, "the rest of the world."

What happens now is that if you buy your watch from any country other than America, the feature will not work for you in any way, even if you move to life in America itself, the feature will not work. The only solution for the feature to work for you is to buy an "American model" watch, otherwise the feature will not work for you. Here is a list of the number of US versions of the watch:

Model A1975, which is for the 40mm watch, the network and GPS version, as well as the "Hermes" and Nike Plus version.

Model A1976, which is for the 44mm watch, the network and GPS version, as well as the "Hermes" and Nike Plus version.

◉ Model A1977, which is for the 40mm watch, GPS version only.

◉ Model A1978, which is for the 44mm watch, GPS version only.

Of course, Apple's procedure is incomprehensible and the first mode was normal; Apple markets the watch as a medical accessory, and accordingly, medical approvals must be obtained in the countries to work. So it makes sense to stop it around the world and do it in America; But it also leaves the door open to the global user, and if he chooses to claim that he is in America, then the feature works with him, and he thus bears the responsibility for his decision; But if Apple decided to prevent him from activating a feature in his device, but at the same time it would make him pay its price, this is an incomprehensible procedure; Either you give me the advantage, reduce its price for me, or issue a device that does not include un-enabled hardware and save us our money.

Are you considering acquiring a fourth generation Apple Watch for ECG measurement? And what do you think of Apple's strange behavior to turn it off globally? Share your opinion in the comments.


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