There is an Egyptian proverb that says “He who bears witness to the bride.” This proverb means that our testimony for a simultaneous application is wounded, and we do not deny this, although it is synchronized. MIT Award winner Which makes it a unique application with the testimony of many experts, but let me explain to you the reasons that make Zamen the best news application from our point of view, perhaps this article will change the way you interact with Zamen, and make you benefit from it more.


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The effort that we do to make a respectful synchronized application that takes into account the respectable Arab customs and traditions is a really big effort, you will not imagine how many yellow headlines published by the sites daily and articles that do not aim only to display the body of actresses or to display empty news such as news about so-and-so's yacht or so-and-so's dress, We use very sophisticated methods in synchronizing to purify the sources, some of them display this news continuously and at the same time there will be other important news for the same source, so it is important that this source be with us.

Of course, we are doing our best to make the synchronizer a respectable application, but this does not mean that the application is perfect, there are some bad news that can escape from our defense, no matter how sophisticated, and here comes your turn to click on the report button at the end of the article and choose the type of reporting the appropriate.

Also, regarding some inappropriate ads that may appear in Zamen, we try to block all ads that may be inappropriate, but some advertisers circumvent, and you have to send us the image and link of the advertisement after clicking on it in order to completely block this company.


Zamen does not have a large amount of resources. We do not look at the abundance of sources, but rather the quality of their content. We delete the sources that do not provide new ones and add other sources after we make sure that their content may be useful to some. Diversity is also very important in synchronization. We put a source such as Al Jazeera, and politicians Post and other sources that you may not like are in Sync. But a moment: We do not agree with you, the response to the thought is the thought and your ignorance of what is written by those who disagree with you in opinion makes you subject to more intellectual error, and the educated always reads to those who disagree with him in order to learn how to respond, but if you are a public and someone who is fascinated by the idea and refuses to think, the matter is simple do not follow this Sources.

Complete articles

Yes, this is one of the most important features of Zamen, you are reading the entire article, in a great format, and sometimes the reading experience in Zamen is better than the source site itself, and without a doubt it is better than any other news application that forces you to read one paragraph and puts all the pictures for you at the beginning of the article. You don't need to exit the sync and open the browser often, even the videos in sync you can see them in the app itself and are full screen and can be shared.

Latest technology

Synchronize, whether on iOS or Android, always uses the latest operating system technologies, and with confidence there is no news application, whether Arab or even foreign, that uses all the technologies used in Sync, whether reading the article on the iPhone, then the ability to continue reading on the iPad or computer, the ability to search for The articles that I previously read in the system itself, but even in the Google application and opening them directly in the application, the possibility of adding a source on the system interface, and this feature works in Android beautifully.

The possibility of touching in XNUMXD throughout the application until you look at the article without opening it, and finally watching the videos that are presented in the articles in augmented reality (press the three-dot button in any video), it may not be an important feature for a serious news follower, but we only demonstrate that synchronization It holds a lot of technology.

Dedicated to you

Synchronize a dedicated application for you, you choose the sources that you want to follow, and the most important advantage of synchronizing is to follow the tags, let's assume that you are interested in augmented reality technology or interested in tennis news, and you do not want the rest of the technology or sports news (especially that you hate football and most sources write a lot about football).

It is also very useful when reading an article on a topic that interests you to see the hashtags at the end of the article and click on the hashtag that interests you and follow it up or open notifications for it so that you always receive a notification when there is any article from any source, whether you follow it or not about this topic that interests you.


Synchronize a free application, and this is a great advantage for an application with all these capabilities, and unfortunately it is difficult to make a news application not free because of competition, and imposed on us that ads be the source of income despite our dislike of it. But this may change if more users subscribe to the premium membership, but unfortunately only 122 users currently are premium members, yes this number is correct, we hope to make the synchronized application free forever and without ads because synchronization without ads is faster and ads cause the application to crash a lot , And caused an inconsistency in the appearance of the application, although we are the least news application that displays ads, but it still annoys us and we hope that this will change, and you can help via Subscribe to the premium membership.


Sync is a huge app with many features and has been developed by a distinguished team of geniuses and crazies

And in the latest updates, this terrible team has added more ...

A special section that displays articles that contain a video in a special section ✩.

◉ Put a video button in the news list if the article contains a video to view the video without entering the news. (Pressing twice quickly opens the video in a full screen)

◉ Share the entire article or just link to the article, a button has been added at the end of each article (Share the text of the article)

◉ Premium members have the ability to change the icon of a synchronized application to crazy skins, the option will appear in the settings upon subscription.

◉ Many improvements, the most important of which is increased application speed and compatibility with the latest operating systems.

◉ Improved sync of favorites via the cloud and now the feature is for everyone, not just premium members, so you never lose your favorites.

◉ Send notifications for articles trending in Sync. You can turn off these notifications by entering the Sync settings, then Notifications and closing the Trending News option.

◉ Change the reactions to the articles to be more expressive, do not forget to interact with every article now. The articles that are circulated and that are interacted with, send a notification to everyone.

◉ Interaction points have been added for users and there will be rewards for everyone who interacts the most with a synchronized app, uses it the most, and shares it with his friends.

The truth is, we believe that Zamen is a distinguished news application. We know that it is for a specific group and they love to read and read the full articles, but it also develops to suit everyone, so tell us about your opinion on Sync and share it with your friends and talk about it well.

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