Apple announced a number of new products at its Tuesday March 25 conference, including one that could take the gaming industry a big leap. Where Apple announced a new service for broadcasting games called Apple Arcade, with a subscription system, which is only limited to various Apple devices. Consequently, it included a situation of great material benefit to everyone. This will definitely pave the way for small developers who have trouble paying fees for games, as well as guarantee them a steady income. Will this service affect other popular gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo? Follow us.

Apple Arcade is leading to a big leap in the gaming industry

For the big game companies this service may not be good for them. Because they did not face any problems in charging games, they are of course in control of the games industry and generate a lot of money for them, and therefore they do not need Apple Arcade service. However, time may not last long if this service is successful, as these companies may be affected, especially if high-quality and strongly supported games appear.

What is Apple Arcade?

It is a subscription service that provides unlimited playing time, without ads or in-game purchases, and it all comes in a group of games that are subscribed. This service also allows family members to participate in this subscription with the same advantages.

Some of the games will be funded by Apple and will exclusively run for the Apple Arcade platform. It is not known yet how much that service will cost, or even any details of the percentage of revenue that the developers will receive, or Apple itself. Also, games do not depend on that service with an Internet connection or cloud broadcasting, and this can be provided if there is an Internet connection, then the game progress data is stored. Apple Arcade is due to launch in the fall.

The company said in a press release, that Apple Arcade games will redefine the games again, but will be organized on the basis of quality and creativity and the extent of their attractiveness and suitability for players of all ages.

Games will be selected not only through funding but also by the way the game is promoted within the Apple Arcade platform. If the game is heavily promoted on the arcade platform, the game could be a success. And it may happen that a game that is not adequately promoted will die, just like in the App Store. And since this service is the first of its kind for developers, the way the games are promoted will be the key to their success.

Apple is working to move the gaming industry

As Apple announced on the Apple Arcade service, Google almost did the same, and is considered a newcomer to video games, as it announced a similar service called Stadia, which is a subscription service that will allow players to broadcast games to any screen from the cloud.

These companies have different visions of how to make and run video games. But will the subscription system dominate the current system or will it eventually replace it?

Apple Arcade has two problems: one, the devaluation of games in the software store, where there are low-quality, $ 3 games. The second is to try to create an arena of excellence in the extremely crowded applications arena. Thus, Apple is trying to invest in these distinct games, but will help develop them, while ensuring that none of these games can be played except on its devices only. Which will benefit them and the developers, as mentioned above.

On the other hand, Google's Stadia service aims to make subscriptions for games like Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation affordable. The Google Stadia service provides the ability to move and be free from the console, and instant access to games from anywhere, so you can start the game on a device and continue playing it from where you left off on another device, for example, from the TV to the phone, then to the computer, etc. But this technology, of course, requires a fast internet connection.

In this way, Google is working on the idea of ​​freeing up video games from expensive consoles and focusing on investing in broadcasting games in the cloud on various devices. This undoubtedly attracts millions of users who do not want to purchase expensive controllers.

Looking at the Apple Arcade service, we find a big difference between it and the Google service, as Google has not announced so far only one game, DOOM Eternal for computers. At the same time, Apple announced a large group of games that belong to famous and innovative developers, and all of them will be available through Apple Arcade only.

It is also worth noting that Amazon is ready to announce its service soon, after spending years investing in the gaming industry.

One day, these subscription services may replace games that are played with consoles and dedicated devices, although millions around the world enjoy using such devices as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. But it is possible that Apple will be abandoned if they are persuaded of reasonable price features.

What do you think about Apple Arcade? Do you expect such services to dominate the gaming industry and affect dedicated hardware? Let us know in the comments.


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