The new version, which bears the number 13 of the tvOS operating system for televisions, has now come to us in conjunction with iOS 13 and also watchOS 6, and all of this was within WWDC conference events For 2019, which we covered with you. The new update includes a wide range of new tools as well as a large number of improvements.

The new update will also include more fun for Apple TV users as it will come with a new version of Apple Music and also integrate with new peripheral accessories such as the PS DualShock 4 joystick and also the XBOX Wireless. In general, if you are an Apple TV user or thinking about becoming one of them, then this The article will carry interesting information for you, as well as if you want to see what's new in Apple in general.

Support for multiple users in tvOS 13

Although Apple TV is one of the most expensive viewing services in terms of price, it lacked a very important feature, which is support for more than one user. This is despite the availability of this feature in the streaming and viewing services cheaper, but with the update of 13 tvOS operating system it has become It is possible to log in with more than one account.

This was negatively affecting Apple TV users because when more than one person uses the TV through one Apple account, problems occur in temporary settings such as the next episode of the series you are watching, etc., now each family member will be able to log in to his account. Through the Control Center, which has been newly added to the system, and through this step, each user will be able to maintain his account, including his preferences for music, movies and series, in addition to continuing to watch content from the point at which he stopped last time.

Updated version of Apple Music on tvOS 13

The tvOS 13 update also came and carries with it a big update to the Apple Music app on the system, the new update includes karaoke mode, which will enable you and your friends to sing together on the music of a song, and the application also comes with the ability to play the song’s lyrics display in real time while listening to it This feature would be great, especially if you want to improve your English.

Support for connecting additional accessories and devices in tvOS 13

In conjunction with the service Apple Arcade Coming on the way, the tvOS 13 update will support the operation of two new controllers, namely the PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless from Sony and also the XBOX Wireless from Microsoft, and this is to improve the process of playing on Apple Arcade, which will be a service to provide games with a monthly subscription and will offer more than 100 new and exclusive games that will support any devices IPhone, iPad, and certainly Mac and Apple TV, and we can expect them to be officially released next fall.

Change to home page look in tvOS 13

The TVOS system will come with a new Home Screen interface, but this interface is not the one that will impress many, as it is full of content with the ability to review it, that is, as soon as you leave the cursor on any video, the system will start running the Trailer or its advertisement Automatically and if it is a series or a movie, this in itself might be a little annoying.

Apple is still one of the best companies in terms of implementing new features, so we hope that the company includes us the ability to turn off or turn on this feature, especially for those who are not interested in watching ads for movies or are keen on consuming their Internet.

 A new app with the ability to add other apps inside tvOS

Last March, Apple launched a new version of the Apple TV application, which is used on the tvOS system itself and on other Apple devices, and this application now enables you to access a wide variety of content through a single use experience, but the application has changed its concept in Get this done.

The application on all devices now offers an interface similar to the competing Netflix application as the main interface of the application has come under the name Watch Now and through it you will be able to view the content suitable for you from all sections, there will also be other sections within the application such as Movies, Kids, Kids Content and Sports content Athlete and within each of these sections there are three categories which are Up Next, What to Watch and For You.

On the other hand completely, as long as Apple TV users can add additional channels through the satellite cable in the usual way, this is in addition to the ability to watch directly from broadcast services such as Hulu and others, but now users can add 150 additional channels under the name Apple TV Channels In addition to the ability to watch directly from applications such as Starz, HBO, Epix, CBS, etc., by logging in or creating an account directly on these services through the TV application! This feature will be very useful now and also after the launch of the Apple TV Plus service for streaming, but as you can expect, Netflix is ​​not among the services supported.

Support for more platforms and devices on TVOS 13

The TV application, which we talked about above, is already available for Apple TV and iOS devices of all kinds, and it will also be available for macOS sometime this fall, but the surprise here is that we will see the TV application for the first time outside the range of Apple devices! Whereas, the application will begin to expand to be available for smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio, and the first to receive the application is Samsung.

This is not all, the application will also be available at a later time for Roku devices as well as Amazon Fire TV, except that Apple has not announced its intention to provide the application for TVs operating with the Android operating system, but has confirmed that it will support Sony screens, and at the same time Sony screens work With Android TV, does this mean that we will see the app on Android TVs?

Apple TV prices and what are they for?

The new Apple TV app is a free application, but you will have to pay for what you want to watch from the content. Subscribing to channels is smoothly through the application, but the prices may be slightly high and it will depend on what you really want to watch. Some of the channels according to a report from MacWorld:

1- Acorn TV, $ 6
2- Cinemax, $ 10
3- Comedy Central Now, $ 4
4- Curiosity Stream, $ 3
5- Epix Channel, $ 6
6- HBO channel, at $ 15
7- Lifetime Movie Club $ 4
8- MTV Hits Channel - $ 6
9- Showtime channel, $ 11
10- Starz Channel, $ 9.

Certainly, these prices are the prices of monthly subscriptions, and you will still have hundreds of channels to choose between them, in addition to Apple's tendency to make the Apple TV service combine direct viewing with watching and downloading fixed content, and this is so that you can watch an episode at the time it is shown, as well. You can watch it later or download it later!

How did you find the new updates for tvOS 13? Are you an Apple TV user? Join us now!


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