The iPad got a big update to the point that Apple dedicated it to a complete operating system and called it iPadOS. This step and the previous steps came after the iPad was facing an uncertain future, especially after the apparent lack of interest by consumers. But during the past 18 months, Apple has released updates to the old iPad devices and has re-designed a new like the iPad Pro, in Apple's clear insistence that the iPad is a computer. Which prompted consumers to pay attention to the iPad again. Indeed, the past few years have witnessed the strongest growth of the iPad in six years, especially the first three months of 2019. Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple, said in an interview last Monday after the introduction of iPadOS, IPad is a truly unique and distinctive experience, it is not like the iPhone experience, and it is not like the Mac experience. ”With the release of iPadOS, which will be released in the fall, it comes with a set of new features that are likely to attract more users. However, some believe that it has not yet reached to be a substitute for the personal computer, despite its high capabilities, which are superior to all. “We have expanded the field where people can say that the iPad is the best solution,” Federighi said. And inevitably, the day will come when people will be satisfied with the iPad if it can handle all their computing needs and then adopt it as an alternative to the personal computer forever. ” By reviewing the new features, we will know whether the iPad can gradually be transformed into a personal computer, or is there still a lot in front of it?

Learn about the features of the new iPadOS system for iPad

New home screen

The home screen has been redesigned with a new layout to display more apps on every page. Today View can now be added to the home screen, allowing quick access to shortcuts and tools to see information at a glance, including the latest news, weather, calendar, events, tips, and more.

More with Split View and Slide Over

Some major changes have been added to multitasking. This is evident with the new version of the Slide Over feature, where you can display a small iPhone on the side of the screen, and this is inspired by the iPhone X interface to allow moving between multiple applications and viewing them all at once. In other words, you can see multiple applications and quickly switch between them using this feature.

It is also possible to work with multiple files and documents from the same application at the same time thanks to updates to the Split View feature. For example, a user can write an email while viewing another email next to it, or access several applications such as Messages or Calendar with just a swipe.

Also, App Exposé provides a quick view of open windows in just one app with just a click.

Wider uses of the Apple Pencil

The use of the Apple Pencil has become more integrated with the iPad, so the user can now add comments to web pages, documents, and mail messages. The toolkit has also been redesigned to give you quick access to it, color combinations, shapes, an entire object eraser, a new pixel eraser to erase any part of the line, and a ruler for drawing straight lines. Using the Apple Pencil has also become more natural, as the response time has been reduced to 9ms.

Files app updates

The Files app makes it easy to access and manage documents quickly, and it has become better than ever, especially with iCloud Drive's support for folder sharing. Anyone who has access to a folder can see it in iCloud Drive, and they will always have access to the most recent version of it.

It also supports external storage capacities to allow users to connect a USB flash drive or SD memory card or access an SMB server with ease, all from within the Files app. A new menus display is also available, indicating convergence with the PC file format system. As well as the ability to press and decompress, and new keyboard shortcuts.

Desktop version support in Safari

◉ The iPad system automatically provides a desktop version of the website while changing its size to fit the iPad screen. This is how web apps like Google Docs, Squarespace, and WordPress work.

اري Safari also supports important new features such as a download management tool, 30 new keyboard shortcuts, and other tab management updates.

 Text updates

A major update arrives at editing texts on the iPad. Selecting a point in the text has become easier, faster and more accurate, and the text can be selected with just a swipe over it, and new gestures for cut, copy, paste and undo are used.

Additional features in iPadOS

◉ New blackout mode like iOS 13.

◉ Custom fonts can be installed for use throughout the system. Fonts from famous and distinguished developers such as Adobe, DynaComware, Monotype, Morisawa and Founder will be available on the App Store.

A new floating keyboard supports QuickPath to make typing with one hand easier and leave more space for viewing applications. Customers can pinch two fingers to activate the floating keyboard, as well as drag it to anywhere on the screen.

◉ The Photos app searches the library to select the best pictures, and it automatically hides similar photos. And highlight notable events of the day, month, or last year. Photo editing has also become simpler through new tools that are easier to use, edit and review, and almost all photo editing capabilities are available for videos as well, just like iOS 13.

Advance feature Sign In with Apple is a fast, easy and private way to sign in to apps and websites using your Apple account.

◉ A major update to the Maps application, and it can be said that its maps have been rebuilt again, i.e. from scratch, in addition to the Look Around feature that provides beautiful views of cities from street level using high-definition XNUMXD images, and the Collections feature that provides a new way to share restaurants, shops and destinations, in addition to To the Favorites feature for quick directions to your most visited sites.

◉ The speed of the performance of the entire system, as it became more responsive with faster unlocking with Face ID, and like the iOS 13 system, the download volume of applications for the first time was reduced by up to 50% and updates were reduced by up to 60%, and the applications started up to twice as fast in Previous version.

◉ Camera support, you can now connect the camera directly to the iPad and import images for editing in applications like Adobe Lightroom.

Sidecar, this allows you to use the iPad as a second screen and graphics tablet (when paired with an Apple Pencil) for your computer.

What do you think of the new iPadOS system? Will the day come when the iPad will replace the personal computer? Let us know in the comments.



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